week 44 . sometimes the best way to teach is through our example & service

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[mom note: we got lots of pictures this week...some are included in this post and there are more of her birthday and other activities posted with last weeks letter that can be found HERE]

This week was pretty "normal" as far as missionary work goes. Nobody got sick, no general authorities here interviewing people, etc. But it was a little bit cooler here which is way out of the norm for Caicó! 

We did a service project this Saturday at Maria (our recent-convert's) house. She is renting out the front part because the family that lived there moved but they left it pretty trashed. So Sister Morais, a member, the Elders, and I repainted the whole house to help out. I am learning a lot of new talents with all these service projects we're doing. You can put me to work in construction when I get back. We were stopping up holes in the walls and painting with something called "cal." It's not paint, it's like powder and water mixed together and you paint it with a giant brush.

Elder W Silva and Elder Montenza
Elder Carpenter and Elder Montenza

When we were working I remembered Pete's Dragon when he's whitewashing the lighthouse (I don't know why haha). 

But it was hilarious because practically the whole street was sitting outside of their houses watching us paint. They just were missing popcorn haha. But some good things came out of it . . .

That night (Saturday) we met a man named Joaquim. We were talking to Maria in front of her house and Joaquim came over and said that he had seen us painting and thought it was really cool that we did that. He said that there were other neighbors that were talking about us and saying that even if they had a step stool or a paint brush that they wouldn't give it to us to help (what?) and he was so mad about this haha. He has a few problems in his life and said he wants to leave that behind and change his life. We invited him to church and to be baptized on the 21st and he accepted whole-heartedly. A true miracle. And proof that sometimes our best way to teach is through our example and service to others. 

This week we saw a lot of miracles. Other than Joaquim, two other people called us over and asked to be taught. Not something that happens every day. One of them is a girl named Thaisse who has some questions about the gospel. She was already taught by missionaries in the past but got nervous about baptism and gave up at the last minute. But the spirit is touching her heart now! So excited to help her and that God put her in our path. 

Another man named Francisco called us over to talk to him. He loves the Bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ, but he's looking for a path to follow. He is a little bit distracted but a really good person who wants to find the truth! 

And speaking of Fransico ... #minhavida // We were teaching Fransisco and he for whatever reason thinks that I'm from England. I think that I said that I'm from the US a million times but he can't accept it. (not that I'm complaining). But the best is that I'm pretty sure he thinks I'm royalty. He will say stuff like "I know you might be a lady (or princess) from England, but we all have to have charity like it says in 1 Corinthians 13." hahaha. Love him just for that. 

It was Fast Sunday this week and we saw our prayers answered! We had 3 investigators at church!!!! [mom note: those that are taking lessons from the missionaries to learn more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints] I'm so grateful for Heavenly Father recognizing our work in this area and blessing us so much. 

Also shout out to my companion this week. Sister Morais is a huge blessing to me. Yes, she is the girl in the rocking chair and she's gorgeous. She says she's a fan of you for calling her pretty haha.

She is someone that I know I needed to learn from and I'm so grateful God put us together again this transfer. I know it was inspired that we stayed together two transfers. We've become good friends and we've both grown and changed a lot together. I love her with all my heart and can truly say that she is one of the best companions that I've had. 

Tell Annie hi and I love her! [mom note: Megan's friend that just returned home from her mission in Salt Lake City]

Harry Potter party!!! And Wizarding World!!!! You know I'm on board 200 percent. [mom note: her response when hearing I was coming out of my self imposed party planning retirement to plan a Harry Potter shindig to celebrate the opening of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in California]

And about the interview with Elder Mazzagardi, it was a wonderful experience. He asked a lot of inspired questions about my mission, my testimony, my companionship, etc. and told me some things that I was needing to hear about my divine worth. I felt the love of Heavenly Father so strongly and walked out of that room feeling like I'd walked out of the celestial room of the temple

I love all of you!

Sister Baker

Caico Zone Meeting

[mom note: These next few pictures have no description but I'm guessing they are the view from her apartment and other shots from the area she is serving in]

And finally just a hodge podge of the remaining pictures we received...


  1. I love reading this blog. Megan and her mom really inspire me.

    1. Katia you are so kind. I sure hope Megan and Terra serve together or in the same area at some point