week 49 . smelly cat, smelly cat what are they feeding you?

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This week EDIMILSON WAS BAPTIZED. He is an amazing example of true conversion. Last week he was a different person. But now he is visibly different and a true disciple of Christ. He is an older man who had some problems with the Word of Wisdom but really wanted to free himself from his addictions. And he did! With God's help, he did. And He was so so excited to be baptized. He passed the entire week telling all of his neighbors and friends that he was going to be baptized. And he bought a new towel just for the baptism. He lives in a humbler situation but when he went to the church for the baptismal interview he went in his best clothes, a button down cotton shirt and some church pants. And we had an old white men's shirt in our house that we gave to him and a friend of his who is a member of the church gave him a tie. So yesterday he showed up at church dressed to the nines with a giant smile on his face. And before his baptism he said his heart was pounding so fast, he wanted me to feel his chest to show me hahaha. And during the baptism he was so anxious to be baptized he was practically shaking. And afterwards he said how happy he was. It was a beautiful experience. I am so happy for him.

We didn't have water for these last couple of days in our house. I never realized how absolutely essential running water is. It's a big deal. We couldn't shower, we brushed our teeth with the small amount of water we had in a bottle for this type of situation, and we had a massive pile of dirty dishes in the sink, and the toilet. . . you don't even want to know. We showered at a sweet sweet member's house that gave us juice and sandwiches afterwards on top of letting us use her bathroom. And thankfully the water came back last night so today we did a deep clean in our house and all is well. And Sister Trage and I learned that we shouldn't murmur from our recent-convert, Leni. The day that the water disappeared we had been whining a little (or a lot) and we stopped by Leni's to talk to her and teach her and we read 1 Nephi 16 and she applied it (as if she'd been a member for years) saying how it's so easy to complain about things, but we should be like Nephi and be proactive to resolve the problem and then trust in God. Sister Trage and I repented. haha

The other day all of our commitments fell through. We were at a loss. We prayed to Heavenly Father that he could help us find new investigators where we were (close to the chapel). We were in a square/park and there was a man power walking the whole time we were there. Sister Trage really wanted to do a contact with him but when she said hi he didn't stop. Finally when he was a little more tired and power walking at a slower speed. . . she walked right alongside him. Him in workout clothes and her in a dress with a nametag. And me, basically running behind them to keep up (he was a fast power walker). She had a full on conversation about the church with him, all that's missing was a prayer. (meanwhile my hair got caught in a tree and I'm struggling to free myself. #strugs hahaha). I died laughing. But we're going to teach him today! My companion's a rockstar. 

A man stopped us on his motorcycle the other day and asked about the church (miracle) and we taught him on Saturday. He had all the perfect questions. . . why are there so many churches that teach different things? Does God speak with man in our days? Why are we here on earth? What happens after death? And I was pumped out of my mind because he was practically reciting an outline of the missionary discussions. BUT, he would not let us talk. He just kept yammering on and on and on. I wanted to put duct tape over his mouth haha.  And when we teach him again I might do just that. And on top of everything he kept insinuating that we probably didn't understand his questions or what he was saying about the Bible. But I'll pray for patience and hopefully we'll be able to actually get through a lesson with him. He'd be a perfect investigator if he would just listen haha.

+ When Siste Trage was hanging out her laundry to dry she discovered a dead cat behind our house. She thought he was sleeping and poked him with a stick...but he wasn't sleeping. She said she almost didn't tell me because she didn't want me to cry haha. But we all went back there and maneuvered him into a cardboard box and I said a prayer for the poor little guy and that no more cats would die in or near our house haha. Then we put the box out front with our trash, but the garbage truck passed and left the box there. And it was starting to smell so bad. There were about a million flies around the box. So Sister Trage and I put tshirts over our faces to mask the smell, grocery sacks on our hands and mentally prepared ourselves to throw him into a field (which is apparently how you deal with dead cats here according to the Bishop's wife). But when we went out there the box was gone. A homeless man passing by explained that he had taken it and thrown it in the field. Our angel. I was extremely relieved as I'm sure you can imagine.

Megan and Sister Trage
 [mom note: a little video to go with her email subject line/title of this post]

+ When we were leaving Leni's house the other day I tried to compliment her flowerpot. I was saying how pretty it and the plants were and I gestured at it with my foot to show what I was talking about. My foot barely touched the pot and the corner of it broke off. Sister Trage almost died she laughed so hard. She kept asking me why I felt the need to touch it to be able to compliment it haha. I'm asking myself the same question. 

Another great week in Mossoró! I'm so happy and grateful to be here. This week please pray for // José // José Luiz // Paulo who we are preparing for baptism. 

Also, I got the Star Wars package!!!! LOVED everything about it. The clothes are fantastic I want to use them on the daily. And Meet the Mormons woo! And mac and cheese! I love my life and I love you!

I got a few letters from the family from when you went to the Turner Exhibit. There was also another letter from Pie [mom note: Megan's sisters nickname] and one from Mom. Plus other letters from family and friends.  Thank you thank you!

I know, I promise I tried to send pictures this week but the wifi was super weak and they didn't go through. I'm on the job though I promise. Sorry about the pic drought, I'll really send some. What were the last pics you got from me so I know where to start? [mom note: her response when we I guilted her about not sending enough pictures]

I love you all!

Sister Baker 

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