week 72 . transfer week . back to [cry]có (this time the tears are happy ones)

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This week started out with a good 'ol #minhavida moment. Elder W. Silva called Sister Castilho and I on Monday night and told us that we would be staying in the area. And training. [mom note: when new missionaries come into the mission they are trained by more senior missionaries] In trio. [mom note: 3 missionaries together instead of 2] Sister Castilho started crying (from happiness? because she didn't want to be my companion anymore and was bummed? nervous about training? don't know haha). And I just started freaking out saying that President was crazy for having me train in my last transfer since I've never trained before and was starting to apply 3 Nephi 22:1 as my personal motto haha. But . . . in the end he told us that he was messing around with us. (#missionarylife. We have nothing better to do than to pull transfer-themed jokes on each other).

Then Tuesday came around. . . now it's the real deal. The transfer call. And when Elder W. Silva went to pass the transfer he started out saying, "Hey sister, remember yesterday?" And then he said "I prophesied. Sister M. Baker, you're a mom" What. . . And then told me that I would be in trio with Sister Muria (my co-mom) and we would train our daughter in CAICÓ. hahaha. I honestly could not believe it. It seems like Heavenly Father wanted to surprise me so He had to be really really creative with the transfer haha.

After lots of freaking out and nervousness and late night suitcase packing, I went to the mission office on Wednesday morning to pick up my new baby. (do you have an old baby section? #brianregan) [mom note: she's referencing the clip below from Brian Regan] 

I got there a little late because of traffic so I missed the "get to know everyone" breakfast part and I only showed up during President's training. President announced who would be everyone's companion. (Sister Savage and Sister Antunes are training too!). When he announced that I would be Sister Gusmão's companion she looked at me with the most disappointed face haha. But, now it's all good in the hood. She explained afterwards that she thought I was super quiet and what not since she hadn't gotten to know me during breakfast and she also heard that Americans don't like to shower lol.


my daughter // Sister Gusmão
+ she's from Matto Grosso
+ she is 19
+ she has now learned that Americans do, in fact, take showers.
+ she is super super super excited. Loves to talk to everyone and
dance and life is a party with her.
+ she liked fighting/boxing at home
+ she did a mini-mission before coming out here and she came prepared
for the mish.
+ she's a convert to the church and I'm amazed by how much she's
overcome in her life. She's a rockstar. I love her

my companion // Sister Muria
+ she's gaucha
+ she has 11 months on the mish
+ she LOVES Harry Potter. It's da best.
+ she's way cute and funny and she laughs at all my jokes, even the
dumb ones.

The three of us are getting along SUPER well. I didn't think I would like working with two companions, but it's so great. We are laughing and happy the entire day and we go to sleep talking and we wake up talking and we all love each other. I'm so genuinely happy.

And as if my companions weren't enough of a blessing, the ward here is GREAT. The members are helping us a ton a ton. And I got to see a bunch of members from the Seridó ward too which was so fun. I'm loving being back in Caicó (é bom que só).

We contacted a 20 year old man this week named Marcos and he went to church yesterday and LOVED it and his baptism is marked for next week! I'm pumped.

I am so so so happy! And way excited for this transfer.

Amo vocês!
Sister M. Baker

(Mom, I couldn't send this to the "weekly" group. Don't know why. Also I OPENED the Christmas package and I LOVE IT. And Sister Muria was as excited as I was. you are the CUTEST) [mom note: it was Harry Potter themed (see description of Sister Muria above)]


[mom note: Meg sent a bunch of pictures last week. I was going to divide them up and post them with the letters they go with but truth be told...all I want to do is curl up in a blanket by my fire and watch a documentary about Edwardian farming so thats what I'm going to do (my husband wishes I was kidding...he is so over this documentary) So all the pictures will just be posted here on this post and we will all excuse my laziness and love of Edwardian farmers.]

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