oh hey just casually emailing from BRAZIL

Bom dia!

Hey family!

I've made it safe and sound to the CTM in Brazil! When we were landing in Sao Paulo I looked out the window and saw all these little colorful houses basically stacked on top of each other and it was a very "Im not in Kansas anymore" moment haha. And then driving to the CTM was just insane. Like I was looking out the window and it just hit me that EVERYTHING is in Portuguese. Everything. I mean I know I knew people spoke Portuguese here, but it's different actually being here and having everyone around me speaking a language that I DO NOT UNDERSTAND ONE WORD OF. All the new missionaries and I have been like deers in headlights all day. At the airport, in the car, arriving at the CTM, just the whole day has been new and different and exciting and scary.

From what I've seen the CTM is really beautiful and nice, but I'm not going to lie it's not home and that is hard right now. But I'll acclimate soon I'm sure. The three girls that I was with on the plane are my next door neighbors and they're all so nice. And my companion for the CTM is Sister Clinger from Boise Idaho and she is super sweet and we'll get along great for sure! It's nice that everyone is in the same boat as me and not like fluent in Portuguese or whatever. The only problem is none of us really have any idea what's going on, but hey we've only been here a couple hours so I'm sure we'll figure it out. 

Mom I found your sweet note in my carry on and bawled my eyes out reading it. It made me miss you and everyone else so much, but it was also just what I needed. Some words of comfort and advice from my momma. It also made me so proud to be following in yours and dad's footsteps and serving a mission. You guys are the best parents in the world. No doubt about it. Seriously I am so lucky that I was born into such a wonderful and loving family where I learned so much about the gospel and missionary work. Being away from you guys just makes me even more grateful for what I have at home.

Oh random question: did we end up packing hangers for me? I know they were on the list but I don't remember packing any. There's no hangers in the CTM so I'm making do with hanging stuff over the hanger bar and folding stuff up. It works, but if there are hangers hiding somewhere in my suitcase that would definitely be easier. Haha when I saw that there weren't any hangers I almost just didn't unpack my suitcases but then I could just hear mom's voice: you can't live out of a suitcase for six weeks megan! haha So don't worry mom I unpacked. Mostly.

Also the keyboard is definitely weird here so just ignore it if I miss words or mispell something or whatever. But to be honest I think the hardest thing about the keyboard is that the buttons are super chunky because it's not a mac. #firstworldproblems. But actually, it's making me type slower and my fingers are sore because I have to lift them up so high to hit the keys hahaha.

It's funny because it's still sort of surreal being here. I thought once I was here it would be like BAM! You're a missionary. But I still feel like Megan, just Megan with a supa cool nametag. Like I still keep thinking I should check my phone or stuff like that. I think that I'll get over that kind of stuff in a few days here. It's been good though because when I have some free minutes, instead of checking instagram I write in my journal or read my scriptures and things like that. I am realizing how much time I just wasted on my phone at home. Like I don't think it's bad to check instagram or facebook or whatever, but I realize now I was just doing it to kill time or when I was bored.

I finished the Book of Mormon on the plane to Atlanta! Like could I have been more last minute? But it was kind of cool to finish it as I was flying here. It felt really I dunno symbolic or something haha. But I LOVE the very end of the Book of Mormon. I realized that I haven't read that last chapter very much because let's be honest, I usually get stuck in Jacob or Alma, but it's just SO good. I was feeling the spirit so strongly as I read on the plane (sitting next to a man who had about 6 alcoholic drinks during the flight. Isn't 12 in the afternoon a bit early for that buddy?" But honestly, I just was overcome with how amazing the Book of Mormon is. It is true. It just is. You can feel that when you read it. I am so excited to get to know the scriptures better for myself while I'm here, because as much as I love them I'm realizing how many things I don't know about them. So excited to learn more! And to share these words of God with other people here in Brazil!

Alright, email time is almost up so I'm going to finish this up. I LOVE YOU GUYS! More than I can write with words. You all have no idea how grateful I am for you, and for my life back home. But I realized that I am so blessed to have you guys for eternity. A year and a half is nothing compared to that. And since I'm here I can help other people have eternal families!

I love you! I miss you!
Peace out girl scouts

SISTER BAKER (what?! so weird writing that I can't believe I'm a missionary I love it)

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