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(mom note: We are able to get handwritten letters from Megan in just a couple days via MissionTies. Megan can send or drop of her handwritten letters to MissionTies (located across the street from the Brazil CTM) where the letters are then scanned and emailed to us. These "handwritten" posts will consist of excerpts from those letters and will be in addition to her weekly email)

Oi Familia! 

I'm sorry that I haven't really been able to answer all your questions, especially you momma. Time is just crazy here, especially email time. 

PLEASE email pictures/mail pictures. I love them. I miss you guys and want pictures of your lives. NYC, fun stuff at home, everything.

Kay, I'll try to answer some of the questions you asked::

*Pday is on Fridays in the CTM. The time will depend on when we get back from the temple. I have 45 minutes online.

*Portuguese...sometimes I love it, sometimes I really don't. But I have learned a lot for how short of a time I've been here. I just get frustrated that I'm not able to say what I want to to investigators (mom note: people who aren't members of our church that are learning more about it through the missionaries) I love this gospel and I have so many thoughts and experiences and feelings that I want to share, but I have to resort to the vocabulary of a three year old.

*The CTM. I'm still homesick, and it's definitely hard here, but I'm also having a really great time. I literally am always laughing with my district. The schedule is busy, but I think that's good that I don't have too much down time to miss home. For gym time we either play basketball or volleyball. The sisters and I just shout "SPORTS!" and run around like idiots. It's honestly a riot. And of course everyone just laughs at my total...(mom note: the scan for this page got cut off so we can't see the rest of this sentence. I will assume that it said something along the lines of "my total inability to do anything athletic" Do we not all remember her pre mission mishap while trying to ride a bike. Photographic proof below haha)

(mom note: because of the bottom of the previous page being cut off we also cannot read the beginning of the next sentence. It obviously mentioned the food) here is usually good, I mean there's definitely weird days and we're not always sure what the meat is, but there is a really good dessert that is like creme brulee/flan-esque  that I love. So I'm being healthy ya know haha.

I'm trying to finish this letter on the bus back from the temple so I'm going to wrap it up. I miss you guys tons but I genuinely love it here. My district is amazing. I love my teachers. Portuguese is hard but really cool too, and Brazil is the bomb. I especially love Pday and walking around and exploring so that will be really nice when I'm out in the field in real Brazil.

I hope everything is good with you guys, you're my favorite people. xoxo

Ballin' in Brazil 
Sister Baker

PS. Mom please tell Grandma Wood hi and that I love her. I didn't have time on email to send her a letter.

(mom note: I'm a fan of photos so I've searched the internet for some pics to include with this post since it's my understanding that the missionaries have no way to send pictures while in the CTM.)

The Brazil CTM where Megan is spending her first 6 weeks of training

Drink machines in the cafeteria feature Guarana, the national soft drink of Brazil, carbonated water
and fruit juices 

Outdoor track where missionaries can run/walk

the street in front of the Sao Paulo CTM

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