laughter, tears and lots of spilled water

Today Megan said goodbye to the 4 sister missionaries that she has grown to love over the last 6 weeks. The sisters are all off to the Recife Mission while Megan and the elders are headed to Natal. We have enjoyed reading the family letters from a few of these sisters and love hearing little snippets about Meg, some of which are below. I know she will miss these girls and all the fun they had.

::We had to take the bus to where we were going in Sao Paulo, which was to say the least crazy. I'm pretty sure we almost hit like 30 people. But you would not believe it, Sister Baker gave away two books within the first 10 minutes of being on the bus! It was impressive. She just wasn’t afraid at all to go and talk to them.

::Our schedule this past week goes like this...

6.30 wake up (which hasn't been too hard surprisingly)
7.00 personal study in the classroom
8.00 breakfast
8.50 language study
8.55 cry because of portuguese
9.30 exercise
10.20 study time
12.00 lunch
1.15 class time with Irma Mendes
3.00 cry some more about portuguese
4.00 prepare to teach investigator
5.40 dinner
6.30 prepare to teach investigator again
7.45 teach investigator
8.15 cry because we had to teach investigator
9.00 laugh time (as a district we just talk about random things and just die of laughter together, nice way to relieve stress)
9.30 snack time
10.30 bed time

Yeah.. we do a lot of crying... and seriously it's for no reason. Of course we miss our families (like a lot) and are stressed out. But seriously we will just look at each other and then burst into tears. I found that snickers you stuck in my bag the other day and I shared it with Sister Baker. No joke, we took one bite, looked at each other and then started to cry. It was so funny. Everyone walked in right when we started to cry and thought we were going insane.

::Sister Baker - I seriously love her. She is amazing. She is always dancing. The other night she performed the entire Les Mis musical, every song (except for the not so good ones) and acted it out. Took her 45 minutes. She definitely understands portuguese which is awesome because I have no idea what in the world I am doing.

::I was laughing way hard one night. Aaaand I may or may not have peed my pants. Ooops. I have never laughed so hard in my entire life. Sis Baker and Sis Johnson are hilarious.

::Sister Baker is seriously a clone of you. [mom note: the missionary is referring to her sister] It kind of scares me. She loves cats, can draw amazingly well, she dresses like you, is dorky and awkward but adorable. She loves puns and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is one of her favorite movies, she quotes it all the time. Its scary how alike you two are. She is the second funniest person that I know, her life is seriously like a funny tv show.

::Something else that was good was that Sunday night we decided to have a sleepover with Sister Baker and Sister Clinger! We knew we were probably getting new Brazilian roommates the next day so we figured this would be the only time!! They came and slept in our room and we had a blast! An elder in another district had his brother send him a bunch of song lyrics to music that he likes and we were borrowing it to copy. Sister Baker used the music to compose a musical of a sister missionary that was on her mission for four days and decided she wanted to move back home to marry her boyfriend who didn’t even know who she was. Haha. Like a creepy BYU stalker sister missionary. It was a one man show and she played all the characters. Again, I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life!! (I didn’t pee my pants this time though)

::Sister Baker has managed to spill water on just about everyone in the CTM. This week it was my turn! She spilled water all over me! So funny. I’m going to miss her when she leaves for Natal Tuesday.

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