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With photos from the CTM not happening (6 weeks is a long time with no photos) we were thrilled when this picture showed up in our inbox via MissionTies.

Derek traveled to Brazil last week. He only had a carry on but once he had his clothes and such packed you can bet I stuffed as much American candy, peanut butter and Nutella in there as I could. As he left for his flight I kept my fingers crossed that the peanut butter and Nutella would go unnoticed by TSA and as luck would have it TSA was not on their A game and all that creamy goodness made it through security.

Packages are not allowed to be delivered to the Brazil CTM so Derek stopped by Mr. Cheney across the street from the CTM and asked if he could leave the package with them. They were more than happy to help. Thank you Mr. Cheney. While there, Derek decided to throw in a pizza party for Megan's district which Mr. Cheneys also helped with. The package and pizza are whats going on in this picture. Someone at Mr. Cheney must have snapped this photo and then sent it via MissionTies.

So happy to know the kids got everything and enjoyed a taste of America but even happier just seeing a picture of all these missionaries with their bright smiles. 

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