week 13 . Ala-ween (ala means ward in portuguese)

Holla everybody.

My new companion, Sister Marcelino, is an angel. Seriously. She speaks in practically a whisper (think Michelle Duggar from however many kids and counting) and she gives me like 50 hugs a day. Love her. And she is an amazing missionary. She doesn't let any opportunity pass without sharing the gospel. Even with people that seem like they will never accept the message, she shares it anyway. It's an awesome example for me. And when she teaches, nossa (wow)! Her voice may be dainty, but this Sister teaches with a POWERFUL SPIRIT. I think this transfer with her (and however many more) will be awesome. 

Halloween here was beyond weird because I almost didn't notice it was Halloween. The weather does not feel like Halloween unless all of Mosorro is a Heck themed haunted house. And only a few people even mentioned it during the whole day. But I decorated the page of the 31st in my planner with some skulls and bones (hopefully my pesquisadores didn't see that haha) and re-read the Halloween cards you guys sent me and it was grand. Honestly, I think it was better this way because I wasn't distracted from the work thinking about Halloween back home a ton. 

There's a quote from Elder Packer that says if we work work work as missionaries we won't be homesick. I know this is true. I mean, I miss you guys like crazy. Truly. And I think about home every day, but I usually only have time to think about home as I'm laying down to sleep. Because I spend the entire day thinking about which house we should go to, what we should teach, how we can prepare people for baptism, and more. On Sunday I truly began to see what it was like to lose yourself in the work. I didn't have a spare minute to think of myself, I was thinking only of our presquisadores. . .why they weren't at church, how we could get a hold of them, which members could help us. We only had one pesquisador in church which was the biggest bummer. But we're going to work our butts off this week and it's going to be better. 

#minhavida So I have to teach EVERYTHING about our area to Sister Marcelino. . . who we're teaching, who the members are, where everyone lives, the names of the neighborhoods we work in, everything. And you guys know how good I am with directions. hahaha. For example, the other day we were trying to get to the house of a member and we're walking down the main street. I was prettyyy sure their house was on the same street as this big catholic church so we start walking down that street, but then partway down the street I think, no it's a little bit further up the main road. So we go back and walk a ways away. Then finally we just call the member. Me: "Fernanda! Hey. . . where do you live again?" Fernanda: "Sister Baker you forgot? (laughing her head off because I predicted this would happen if Sister Garcia left) I live on the same street as the big catholic church" Hahaha. So we walked all the way back there, and then walked past the house because I'm an idiot. Called her again, finally found the house. hahaha. But I'm learning quickly now because I don't have Sister Garcia to help me so it's all good. 

Don't have much else to write since a week hasn't even passed, but I love you guys! Thank you for the emails, the support, the love. XOXO

Sister Baker

[mom note: She answered a few questions we had in a separate email]

Who are the other sisters you are living with?
+ I'm living with Sister Francis and Sister Dyer (American and American/Chinese) 

I heard from Elder Collier's mom that your whole district got transferred but you. I just thought it was the sisters. Did the elders go too?
+ All the elders except Elder Phillips.

Send pictures?
+ I'm trying to send pictures, but it might have to wait until I'm at a members house with wifi. <3
[mom note: this one came through before she had to get off the computer]

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