week 14 . really, thats all we get? (title courtesy of the disappointed mom that always wants long letters haha)

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Tried to upload photos but it didn't work! I promise I'll send them from my camera this week! And I don't have time to write a long email today. 

Just real quick: 

+ Go watch the movie God's Not Dead (we watched part of it at an FHE with permission from the mission president)

+ The Old Testament has some crazy stories yo

+ I know this church is true and I love you guys sooooo much!

Also #minhavida

During a lesson with the bishop's sister I felt something wet on my elbow. I went to wipe it off and when I pulled my hand away it was COVERED in blood. Like covered. And my arm would not stop bleeding hahaha. It was all over my bag and my skirt. The bishop's sister brought a roll of toilet paper and I stood over the sink for like 10 minutes just bleeding haha. Then the bishop's daughter shows up with a bunch of first aid stuff and fixed me up. Definitely a way to break the ice hahaha. I think it was because of a bug bite or something. Not sure. But it was hilarious. 

Kay gotta go! Love ya! 

I'm SO SORRY I don't have more time. 

Love love love

Sister Baker

A photo from a ward member via Facebook. Megan and her new companion Sister Marcelino at a ward party

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