week 29 . emergency transfer

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So this week Sister Keese and Sister de Paula went home to São Paulo. It was so sad saying goodbye to them, but at least they'll be able to get their health back up right now. And since they went home it was just two juniors in the area, which can't happen so there was an emergency transfer. . . and I got transferred from Natal 1! Now I'm in Natal. (which is Natal 1 and 2 haha). So the transfer wasn't too drastic haha. And Sister Carvalho is now my senior companion!!! Which means first of all, that we're official companions!! Can't even explain how excited I am. I love love love Sister Carvalho. It seems like we've known each other for ages we get along so well. And she's a great missionary. She's freaking out a little bit about being senior, but I know she'll be just fine. Now I'm just hoping we'll stay together for the real transfer that's coming up on the fourth. Fingers crossed!

About Sister Carvalho :: (since I always forget to tell you guys about my comps)
+ She's from Rio Grande do Sul, a place called Alegrete
+ She has a farm because that's normal in RGdS apparently
+ She has two sisters, one older, one younger, both married. And a little brother. 
+ She loves to cook and I can attest to her cooking skills. It's because of her that I don't go hungry when we eat lunch at home haha.
+ She's a crier and a tripper so we're kindred spirits. 
+ Her hair is flawless. 
+ She is my first comp from somewhere other than São Paulo and I think I'm picking up some of her accent and phrases. 
+ When she teaches, the spirit comes right away!
+ She doesn't let our investigators give up, Daniel has started affectionately calling her "temosa" (stubborn) haha. 
+ I love her!

Our week was so great together. It was like the moment we became companions for real we started having more success haha. We were closer than ever to hitting the standard of excellence  [mom note: term for goals to reach set by the mission] which is something that has been really frustrating for us these past few weeks. The only thing that we really didn't have was a baptism, but we have faith that Daniel can be baptized this week! And the other thing (kind of) missing to hit the standard was investigators in sacrament meeting. We had four at church, but two left right before sacrament meeting so we ended up only having two. [mom note: sacrament meeting is the last hour of the 3 hour church block of meetings] A bummer, but we're still feeling really good about our week and now we know a few things we can do differently to have an even better week this week! 

Like I said though, our area now is Natal 1 and 2. Which is huge. HUGE. I think Natal 1 and 2 are two of the larger areas in the mission, and now we're covering them combined! I'm getting a real good workout everyday haha. And it's weird coming home to an empty house. It's the first time on the mission I've lived with just my companion, and I was so used to Sister Keese and Sister de Paula always at home. But we've been doing some deep cleaning/organization, taking down things that other sisters left on the walls and putting up our own stuff, etc. We're making this house our own and I love it! (Now I'm just scared I'll get transferred and have to leave it haha). And we also started reading the Bible every night before going to bed. I'm still reading the Old Testament, and Sister Carvalho the New. It's a great way to wind down and have companionship bonding time haha. Last night we drank tea, ate popcorn, and then read the bible before sleeping. Perfect. 

#minhavida ::

+ Remember how I said that Sister Carvalho fell more times than I did that one day. . .well I think some karma came around because I said that. The other day I fell . . . drumroll . . . 14 times. Yes you read that right. It was a miracle I made it home in one piece. haha. But in my defense Sister Carvalho fell like 9 times that day so it was just rough going for the both of us haha

In spite of the almost dying because I fall so much, I am LOVING it here. We're hitting our stride and this week is going to be perfect. I can just feel it. 

Love you all! 
Sister Baker

PS. Cambridge. [mom note: the family cat] She is so fat! I think she's gaining sympathy weight with me while I'm here. My cat loves me so much ;)

[mom note: we shared with Megan the rumor that hit the internet this week about Prince Harry and Emma Watson dating because if you know her you know that mixing the royal family with Harry Potter would be more than she can handle. This was her response...

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. This is not real life. If they get married it will be the most beautiful wedding of all time. And their BABIES. I died right now. And also I had my companion film me [mom note: I told her to have her companion film her reading the email. Yes, I was that desperate to see her reaction. Actually, I'm just desperate to see any video of her haha] but I basically just stared blankly at the screen saying "não acredito não acredito" (I don't believe it) hahah think I went into shock a little bit. Okay if any more info comes out about this couple I need to know. Freaking out freaking out freaking out. Also let's talk about how he's a redhead (RON). Perfection. Life made. Freaking out."

After getting the above email from her I immediately sent her the bad news that Emma Watson squashed any dating rumors yesterday with a tweet about not believing everything you read. Megan's response...

"NOOO. Dreams crushed haha. But I'm going to assume she's just saying that to calm down the gossip and now they're going to get married (they're just waiting until I get back from the mission so I can watch the wedding/possibly get an invite)

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