week 27 . the blind leading the blind but we've got this

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[mom note: we got 65 pictures from Megan...we hit the motherload!]
This week has been...different haha Sister Carvalho and I are playing "senior companion" because both of our companions are stuck at home all day with their knee problems (it's looking pretty serious, possibly both of them will have to go home early. It's hard on all of us. We'll probably know for sure this Thursday). 
Sister dePaula and Sister Keese making the most of their knee problems
Sister Baker, Sister de Paula, Sister Keese, Sister Carvalho
So we leave them at home to rest and Sister Carvalho and I are working in her area.
Sister Carvalho and Sister Baker
So we're basically opening an area because we're both new here. It was a lot of responsibility to take on all at once. I have a lot more respect for senior companions now because my mind is going absolutely crazy trying to keep track of everything. But Sister Carvalho and I were talking the other day about how this experience is actually really great for us, because we're gaining more confidence and taking on more responsibility. Learning a lot.

For example, we taught a woman about the Plan of Salvation. A lesson with a lot of little details and normally we both get pretty nervous when we're with a senior companion teaching this lesson because we don't want to mess up. But this time we both felt comfortable knowing that we have about the same time on the mission. So I started the lesson off (something I have almost never done!) and we were switching off teaching like a perfectly oiled machine. It was like a scene from The District haha. But truly it was one of the best lessons I've had on the mission. The spirit was so strong, the woman literally on the edge of her seat and asking us questions she was super interested. We both left that lesson feeling so fulfilled and a lot more confident. 

I cried this week because I was thinking a ton about my recent-converts / investigators in Mossoró. That sweet 10 year old boy who prayed about the church sent a letter and a drawing to me thanking me for everything and calling me his sister and it was just too sweet for words. I lost it.

But even though I was sad, it made me think about what I hope the sisters in Mossoró are doing with the people I left behind and it motivated me to work harder here. Also I realized that I don't remember the last time I cried because of homesickness...I think it was during my first transfer in the field. Because even though I miss you guys, it's not something that is inhibiting me. I feel more "homesickness" for the people in Mossoró because I feel a responsibility for them, that they stay firm in the faith. [mom note: the following pictures are just some of the investigators and converts from Mossoró that she talks about]


+ a drunk man stopped us in the street, handed me a half eaten sweet and called me his aunt. Then a few minutes later he told me that I was beautiful like an egyptian gypsy. One of the more original compliments that I've heard. 

+ during a lesson I felt something tugging on my Chaco and I looked down and there was a dog chewing on my shoe (and working his way towards my foot!) so I started doing a little nervous tap dance with my feet to avoid him and thankfully the woman whose dog it was saw and put him in another room haha. 

Also this Sunday the woman who normally leads the music wasn't there so they asked me to do it! Which wouldn't have been a huge deal, but in this ward nobody plays piano so whoever leads has to SING the first line for everyone to know the tune of the song. So I had to sing in front of the entire ward! I'm pretending it didn't happen. But I had a cool experience that shows that God cares about even our smallest worries. When the Bishop's counselor handed me the list of numbers of hymns we would sing I realized that I didn't know how to sing one of them. And I got so nervous thinking about what I would do in front of the entire ward. So I prayed like crazy that the problem could be resolved, that the hymn could be changed or I would remember the tune, anything. And when the counselor announced the hymn he announced the number that he had given me but with the name of a different hymn (Families can be Together Forever), and when I pointed that out to him he said he had written the number wrong! Phew. God answers prayers. 

Sidenote:: there is a cat climbing on top of my computer right now. Where am I? I love Brasil. 

Love you all so much!
Com todo meu amor,
Sister Baker

[mom note: there was no explanation with any of the pictures Megan sent so I am making my best guesses as to people, places and activity

Goodbye gathering for Sister Francis who was heading home

Sister Baker, Sister Francis, Sister Dyer and Sister Marcelino

Baptism of Marcos Vinicius (Felipe)

Sister Baker and Sister Marcelino 
Kitchen in their Mossoró apartment

Sister Keese, Sister Baker's companion
Sister Carvalho, Sister Baker, Sister Keese, Sister de Paula
Sister Keese, Sister Carvalho, Sister Baker and Sister de Paula celebrating Megan's 6 month mark with pizza and Ketchup? 
Wonder who did this plumbing patch job on their kitchen sink. I hope it was Megan, the fine workmanship will up her credibility in the marriage market when she gets home. Who wouldn't want to marry such a skilled DIYer?

With Sister Soares (third from left) the mission presidents wife

Sister Carvalho, Sister Keese, Sister Soares (mission president's wife), Sister Baker, Sister de Paula
Sister Carvalho, Sister Baker, Sister de Paula and Sister Keese enjoying some acaí bowls
Sister de Paula
View from apartment. Maybe? Not sure.

Random pic, no idea where she is, but I [mom] have a small crush on the wall, door and the palm. Same with the wall in the first picture of the post. So many designs, colors and textures going on in Brazil...love it! 

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