week 33 . it's RAINING phlegm

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[mom note: After last weeks letter was posted we got pictures from Megan. They have been added to last weeks letter here. She also sent pictures from Francisco's baptism (not to be confused with another Francisco she talks about in this letter) and those pictures were added here.]

I don't have a ton to write about this week because I spent like half of it dying in my hammock. I got some crazy virus/cold/infection from the telestial kingdom (Missionary joke. Sorry.) But really...I could only move to get up to go to the bathroom or move to another sister's hammock to mix things up. I had just about every symptom in the book. The other sisters got sick with other things so our house was just in a sad state this week. But the Elders and a member of the ward gave us priesthood blessings. I love the priesthood. It is so comforting knowing that there are men on earth with the power to act in the name of God for my benefit. And then later the Elders bought milkshakes for all us sisters and dropped them off at our house. They're great. And Sister Ríos was a great stand in "mom" and took great care of me. #blessed

I'm not going to lie, the first couple of hours of being sick was sort of nice. Like a forced break. I literally could not work. So I got to do extra personal study and sleep and other stuff that there's never time for as a missionary. BUT by the third hour of confinement I was going CRAZY. It's horrible not being able to work as a missionary. Our only purpose here for a year and a half is to talk to and help people. And when your sick you can't do that. When I finally got out of the house I felt like Rapunzel in Tangled when she leaves the tower for the first time. I was getting weirdly excited about dirty street animals and the strange smells of Caicó. But my companion loves me and put up with my antics haha. Good ol' Sister Ríos. Love her.

Miracle this week. It RAINED. Like really really rained in Caicó. That hasn't happened in 4 years! Which was such a huge blessing for the people here. But not quite as much of a blessing for the two sisters trekking through torrential downpour. We were literally soaked through. Not one inch of our clothing or hair or anything stayed dry. Books of Mormon (Book of Mormons?) = soaked. Agendas = soaked. Us = soaked. But we got to live out our 17 Miracles dreams and forge through knee-high rivers of water. Honestly it was really fun. (knock on wood don't want to do it again because it already happened twice this week) But we were just laughing so hard because we were literally shivering we were so cold. COLD. Cold in Caicó! This does not exist people. It's like London now but with more donkeys in the road. 

We weren't able to follow up with Francisco as much as we would have liked this week because of my evil sickness, but when we taught him he just showed us over and over how much of a dream investigator he is. The Elders went with us one time to teach him and they just loved him right away. He is so sweet and already so in tune with the spirit. When he prayed in the lesson the other day he started to cry. You can all imagine what I did. (hint: cry). But we were hugely disappointed because he was supposed to be baptized yesterday and when we went to walk with him to church only his sister was there. And she told us that at like 9 on Saturday night he left the house and hadn't come home yet. We haven't been able to get back there yet, but we're hoping he's okay and also that we can help him to make the sacred covenant of baptism. Keep him in your prayers please! 

I'm happy to be here on the mission and to be healthy again! (it's the best!) And Sister Ríos and I are going to work really hard this week and I'm pumped

Amo vocês todos. 

Sister Baker

[mom note: no pictures this week from Megan but I "borrowed" these from the blog of one of the sisters she lives with]

Sister Hernandez, Sister Rios, Sister Moraes, Sister Baker
Sister Baker, Sister Hernandez, Sister Rios, Sister Moraes

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