week 42 . transfer week

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Thanks for the prayers. Know that it was a prompting. [mom note: she is referencing some feelings we had about her on Wednesday that we shared with her in a letter] I'm totally happy and satisfied and excited in this moment, but Wednesday was a different story. The beginning of this week was one of the harder ones and Wednesday night I went to bed really down, but since that day everything has turned completely around. It's like the problem never existed. So know that your prayers were needed and were answered. Thank you so much for being in tune with the spirit. I love you.

Transfer week!!!! I stayed here in Seridó (Caicó) with Sister Morais!!! We're super excited for another great transfer here. I'm going to get really really tan too from six more weeks in this sun haha. 

Sister Hernandez was transferred. It was sad to see my mission twin leave. But on the bright side she stayed in our zone. hahahahaha. She's serving in the Brasil Caicó mission apparently. But this means I'll get to see her at Zone Meetings and next week at the Zone Conference and I'm pumped about it. I love her so much. 

Megan and Sister Hernandez
Sister Porter stayed and is training a brand new missionary from São Paulo!!!! Sister Antunes. She's super sweet and we're loving having her in our house here. Fun fact: she did her last year of high school at Timpview (yes, in Provo) and she remembers Cassidy! [mom note: Megan's cousin] And she knows Paige Handley (George Handley's, my study abroad professor, daughter!) Small world!!! 

And Sister Ríos came back to Caicó!!!! She is now one of the Sister Training Leaders for our zone so I get to talk to her on the reg and I love it. She remains one of the funniest people I know and I love her so much.

miracles this week ::

+ We had FOUR investigators at church!!!!!!! One of them is a sweet boy we are teaching who's mom is dying for him to get baptized. All his family members tell us, "this boy is eleven years old and never been baptized! Please take him to your church!" haha. And he's adorable and reading the Book of Mormon out loud for his mom who doesn't know how to read. And we also had a man named Davison there. It was a miracle for real that he went. He has almost no time between studying and working and a million other things and he's a person who has a lot of doubt and questions about religion in general but he went and he liked it a lot! I love teaching him because he has real questions in his soul that he wants answered, and we have the answers! It's a super fulfilling experience. 

+ Transfer week but we still hit standard of excellence. [mom note: goals the missionaries work towards each week] The Lord blessed our work so much this week. 


+ The sisters who work in Vila do Príncipe (a neighboring area) don't have water, energy, or gas in their house so for the last three nights we had a sleepover in our apartment with eight sisters. Eight sisters. One bathroom. And lots of hammocks. It was fun and also slightly exhausting haha. Great to relive the good old days with Sister Ríos in the house though. And get to know the other sisters better. 

I'm literally crying here from excitement for you Emily. I cannot wait to find out where you will go. [mom note: Megan's sister Emily is waiting for her mission call to arrive this week] My official bets:: 

Stateside - Washington
Foreign - Guatemala
and I get 1 more guess because I do - BRASIL

I'm so proud of you and so excited Pie [mom note: Emily's nickname] I love you tons. CONGRATULATIONS.

I'm sorry that this letter is so incredibly lame. But email time passed at lightning speed because of ALL the birthday love that everyone sent to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone. I love you all. 

Tchau tchau!
amo vocês

Sister Baker

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