week 39 . may the fourth be with you

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MAY THE FOURTH BE WITH YOU. Did you think that on the mish my love of Star Wars would END-OR did you know that I would remember that today was Star Wars Day? HANs down you all knew I would remember. And commemorate with some really FORCEd Star Wars puns.

Also a date this week (almost) as important as Star Wars Day. NATE's BIRTHDAY!!!!! Woo hoo! The big 1-6. Parabéns! Can't believe that you're getting old. Stop now please. [mom note: Megan's brother]

Also on a super worldly note. . . ROYAL BABY. Princess Charlotte. I was rooting for Victoria like Mom but Charlotte's a good one too. Love her already. And huge thanks to the large number of people who thought of me and sent photos. You all know me so well. I think almost all of my emails this week mentioned the happy news. I'm pumped on life and going to drink some tea later to celebrate.  

This week was awesome. It was a bit of a long one and I'm tired, but in the best possible way. Sister Morais and I taught 62 lessons this week. Which I'm pretty sure is the most lessons I've taught in one week on my mission. Yesterday after we finished planning I basically died in my hammock and fell asleep in like one minute. (then woke up because a million mosquitoes were eating me alive and went and slept in my bed). 

But yesterday we had FOUR people at church. Miracle of all miracles. I know that the Lord blessed us so much to be able to reach that goal. Having people at church has been our biggest struggle but Heavenly Father has His hand in this work and He made it happen. One of these four was Maria

MARIA // This woman is our angel. She has such a pure heart and spirit and has received a testimony so fast of the restored gospel. She fulfills all of the commitments (which doesn't happen) and she loves the church and the Book of Mormon and everything! After church yesterday she said that "once you become a part of this, there's no chance that you'll ever want to leave." She lives alone and has a problem in her back that makes it hard to walk, and her life has been so hard but because of all this she is so humble and sweet and loving and open and I love her so much. She is going to be baptized next week!!!! Pray for her please!

Also this week we met a woman named Lindalva. She was supposed to go to church yesterday too but it didn't work out because her mom is sick and she had to take care of her. BUT we taught her about baptism and at first she wasn't super interested because she had already been baptized. But we explained about the example of how Christ was baptized (age of consciousness [translating from Portuguese and don't know if it makes sense, sorry], by immersion, and with the proper authority). And then when we invited her to be baptized in this way she said "Of course! Who wouldn't want to be baptized how Jesus Christ was!!" I wanted to say that I could list more than a few people who didn't want it haha. But we're so happy for her and she's coming back into town this week so we'll continue working with her. 

+ We were at the Bishop's house for lunch this week and the Bishop's 11 year old son, Artur, looks at me and says "Sister M. Baker, you're aging faster than normal." hahaha. Then he left the room and when he came back he had big eyeglasses on and was using a metal pipe as a walking stick and talking like an old man. He said that he was the "aging angel" and that he "came early this year" and gave me the glasses and walking stick. hahaha. He's a riot. And also I'm old. 

+ Sister Morais and I were walking down the street and we saw this little kid who was like 2 or 3 years old. So Sister Morais says hi and good afternoon and he keeps walking. As he walked by she repeated herself in her sweet voice because we thought he didn't hear the first time. We look at him as he's walking away and without even turning around to look at us, he raises his hand above his head and flips us off. Hahahaha we were dying. I did not believe it. He was practically a baby. I can only imagine this kid when he's grown up. Watch out. 

+ We were teaching a group of three men and one of them said that he had "more faith than anyone in the world." (big claim) But that he would "never ever go to church." Already a bit of a contradiction. So Sister Morais asked what he would do if Jesus Christ appeared in front of him and said "Come, follow me." What did this man say that he would reply to Jesus Christ? "Am I not doing enough already??" what. The member that was teaching with us couldn't believe it and was laughing so hard afterwards. I don't understand people sometimes. 

I am so grateful for how the Lord blesses us for our work and sacrifices and gives us a push when we feel like we can't walk one more step on this darned cobblestone street that always makes me trip. I love missionary work and I love our investigators, especially those that I am seeing change through the gospel. 

I know this church is true! Joseph Smith was a prophet of God, there is no way on earth I could ever deny that. Jesus Christ is our Savior and lives in our lives daily. I love my mission. I love you guys. 

Have a wonderful week!
Amo vocês!
Sister Baker

UNTIL  MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!! SKYPE!!! WOOT WOOT! We're planning on skyping at about 5:00 my time, which should be about noon or 1:00 for you guys.

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