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[mom note: Once again we got pictures the day after posting last weeks email. Perhaps I should start waiting until Tuesday to post. Click the link if interested in seeing those pics. Also, Meg didn't mention it but Wednesday will be one year since this happened. Here's hoping for a speedy 6 months so I can hug this girl again]

Mom, Megan, and Dad saying goodbye for 18 months
This week we had interviews with Presidente Soares. [mom note: 10th picture down in link] He and Sister Soares road tripped out to Mossoró to be able to talk with us in small groups and then one and one. It was a wonderful and enriching experience. I love Presidente and Sister Soares. Presidente talked about what it means to be a truly successful missionary. (obedience, the spirit, and love those you teach). It was a great reminder of my true purpose here. Sister Soares talked about keeping the sabbath day holy. It was truly inspired. Sister Trage and I (and I think a lot of other missionaries) are going to be making some changes in the way we work on Sundays. It's easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of running to every investigators house to get them to church and we end up getting to church way later than we should and stressed and focused on other things (and not the Saviour). But that's not how it should be! We need to be spiritually nourished and fed just as much (if not more) than any other member! This work is spiritual! My spirit has to be strong every week to help these people recognize the truth of the restored gospel on the earth. Yesterday we made a lot of changes and I am so grateful. It was a spiritually fulfilling Sunday. 

My personal interview with Presidente Soares was a great experience as well. He gave me great counsel about how to work and how to study, and helped me resolve some doubts and difficulties that I had had about our work here. I am so grateful for a mission president who is inspired by God to lead us.

President and Sister Soares with Megan's district 
Megan and Sister Soares
We were witnesses this week to the power of the member missionary. We received EIGHT referrals from ward members this week! And we are having success with a good number of these people. Two of them went to church this Sunday and loved it. One of them is Natã, a young man, who does karate with the president of the Relief Society. I am so grateful she had the courage to invite him to hear us and to go to church because he was truly prepared to receive this message. He read the Book of Mormon and prayed and said that he felt a peace in his heart and feels that it's true. He went to a church activity, went to church, and has accepted baptism! I'm so excited to continue teaching him. 

Another member who's helping a lot in our work is José, our recent-convert. He wants to go on a mission next year so he asked to spend the day teaching with us on Saturday. He is a huge example to me. He works the entire week from Monday-Friday, until late at night and on Sunday he spends the day at church and choir and devotionals. Saturday is his one free day and he asked to spend it teaching with us. He's a rockstar. It was a wonderful day and he's so pumped about missionary work. 

Honestly I am so grateful to be in a ward where the members are excited and active about missionary work. It makes a huge difference in our work. This is the time for "members and missionaries to work together" Invite someone to church this week, or an activity, or a FHE [mom note: Family Home Evening], or introduce the missionaries to someone. EVERYONE deserves to know the glad tidings of the gospel of Christ!

+ Remember that cat who got a little bit too "friendly" with me during a lesson? Well on Saturday a dog had the same idea. Almost had a heart attack, but I stayed quiet this time haha. 

+  We were teaching a lesson to a man and in the middle of the lesson he started talking about who knows what and said that he knows "that we can't go to the beauty salon..." Ouch. I'm not sweating, it's my natural glisten. And the bird's nest looking bun on top of my head is super trendy. Don't judge. But then he told us that "prayer is like taking a shower." Which was some deep doctrine. I'll be waiting for that line in the next general conference

+ One of our investigators got a Gospel Principle book as a present from a member of the church after his first Sunday visiting and when we went back to his house he was loving it. He had read almost the entire thing. And then he said how clearly it explained the Bible and how great it was and how he was going to use it to preach in his church. umm...haha

I got a bunch of letters from you guys this week! (including the stamp one...loved it) Thanks for always sending me mail! I really really appreciate it! In some future package is there any way for you to send eos? Mine is practically gone and "chapstick" I think makes my lips more dry haha.

I'm positive that you receive revelation for my life...this morning I went to pray about Winter/2nd term vs Spring term after thinking it out awhile and I felt impressed to start school in Spring. I feel like it's the right choice. My "plan" is to head back up to Provo in February and work, preferably in Special Collections, before Spring term. (would you look up Matthew or Lynn's emails? or both? and send them to me?) I feel like it will be a good opportunity to get back into the groove of things, work, earn money, and give me a chance to do personal academic study and refresh what I've forgotten while on my mission. I would also love to take advantage of this time to work at the temple since I wouldn't be studying. I emailed Shan about housing stuff but haven't heard back yet. I'll keep you posted. Thanks for helping to take care of all of this. 

About the pictures...Sister Savage found the necklaces at a store for like 1 real and bought them for everybody (but there was no T, poor Sister Trage haha). 

Sister Trage and Megan
We have semi-regular visits from frogs in our bathrooms. I'm so scared of them. We also don't know how they get in there. Possible through the toilet? Gross. 

I'm grateful for another great week in Mossoró and for being a missionary. This is a "marvelous work" and I know with all my heart that this is The true Church of Jesus Christ on the earth. I love all that we teach, this doctrine is perfect. Jesus Christ is at the head of this Church. 

I love you all.
Boa semana!

Sister Baker

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