week 54 . transfer week // she's lucky she sent pictures

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Hahahaha, I'm going to start telling everyone he's my ex. Low-key, I dated a British werewolf. [mom note: this was her response to a picture I sent her of her hairdresser, Brittany, doing the hair of the kid that played Maison (werewolf and on screen boyfriend of Selena Gomez) on Wizards of Waverly Place (don't pretend you didn't watch it) We told her since Brittany has worked on both their hair they might as well have been dating.

The internet café man is closing for lunch but we still have time so we're coming back later to finish up. Love you guys!

[mom note: And that was that. Our big family letter never came. She did redeem herself a little by sending a bunch of pictures which are with this post. The only problem is...from the pictures it looks like there were some goodbyes, tears, a new companion and new zone and we know NOTHING. So if she shared any info with anyone else in an email today or you're in Brazil or have a missionary in the Natal Mission and know anything about transfers please feel free to let us in on what happened this week. Luckily I have pictures to hold me over until next weeks email (and you know she better write a good one haha)

Megan and Sister Trage

Megan's Zone in Mossoró
Megan's District in Mossoró
Sister Savage, Sister Lencini, Sister Trage, Megan

celebrating a year on her mission

Sister Savage, Sister Lencini, Sister Trage, Megan

Coxinha and Taco Bell sauce haha...only Megan. We send her Taco Bell packets every so often to help her get her fix.

Sister Savage, Sister Lencini, Sister Trage and Megan

Megan and Elder W Silva (her Zone Leader in her last couple of areas)
Megan and Sister Morais (a previous companion)
Megan and Elder Giles (one of the Elders from her MTC district)
Megan, her new companion and her new zone (we think)


  1. Hi sister Denise Baker! I'm Sister Trage's boyfriend, and yes, Sister M. Baker got transfered! I guess she got transfered to Natal, and she has a new call as missionary, something like "Training Sisters" (I really don´t know how they call it there, lol). But, I want to thank you and your family for everything that you've done supporting, teaching, helping Sister M. Baker in her mission and her companion, Sister Trage as well. Sister Trage really loves her, she is so grateful for the last six weeks! :)

    1. Fernando, Thank you for letting us know. We thought she might have been transferred last week from the pictures she sent. She wrote us today and let us know she had been transferred. She also said how much she missed Sister Trage. Megan loved being companions with her and was sad that it only lasted 6 weeks. I hope that they will have an opportunity to see each other again. Give Sister Trage our love. We are grateful for her and for the time she and Megan had with each other.