week 59 . "here come the girls from the mormon church"

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This week we saw so many miracles here in Potengi. Sister J. Silva and I really tried to dedicate ourselves 100% to the work and to our investigators. We aren't perfect but God saw our effort and blessed us and our area. 

Some of the (many) miracles that happened // 

+ Remember that man, Aleanderson, who lost his brother and we ended up teaching everyone in his family except for him?? Well the spirit touched him this week! We walked by the house and were talking to Almira and Katia and they said that he had seen us coming down the street and said "Here come the girls from the Mormon church, I'm going to talk to them today." And he did. He really opened up to us about how he's feeling with the death of his brother and we taught him about the Plan of Salvation. What a sacred experience. We also watched "Together Forever" with him and his wife and baby girl. Despite the slightly cheesy outfits and fabulous hair in the movie, it was so great. It was clear that he got really choked up at the idea that his family could be happy and united forever. The other day when we were leaving he stopped us and thanked us and said "You two have no idea the difference you have made here in this house." It's the kind of thing missionaries love to hear. I LOVE THIS FAMILY. [mom note: this video clip is not the video Together Forever that Megan showed her investigators but it is a short video that shares the same message...families can be together forever.]

+ We were on our way home after a long day and exhausted. But as we were about to enter our street Sister J. Silva stops and says that she's craving churrasco. A couple streets before our house there's a little restaurant type place that sells meat-on-a-stick that's fabulous. So we backtracked and went to go buy some. As we were walking down that street we saw two men talking in front of a house and we decided to stop and invite them to church. As we started talking one of them in particular was super interested. Asking a bunch of questions about the church and the Book of Mormon. Then he called his wife over to mark a day for us to visit! They're an adorable young couple with a 5 year old girl. We're so excited to teach them!

+ Another miracle contact. This time the man practically took the Book of Mormon out of my hands with how interested he was. He told us that he wanted us to go to his house and explain everything in detail (he's from the elders area so we're sending them over there). And then when we left he told us that our faces are different, almost saintlike. hahaha. Don't know about that, but it's wonderful to see people recognize the spirit that we carry with us. Not because of us but because of our sacred calling. 

Basically this week was the missionary dream come true. Here's to hoping that this week is just as good and that I stay here in Potengi with Sister J. Silva in the transfer!!! Fingers crossed. 

I love you all! 

Sister M. Baker

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