week 66 . missionary work, parties & nerd vocabulary

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This week in paradise . . . 

TUESDAY // was Sister Castilho's birthday!!! We had a little "surprise party" for her in our district meeting. That almost wasn't a surprise because one of the elders was going to blow it, but I'm basically a secret agent and we managed to keep it on the down low. We ate cake (courtesy of Sister Weatherford and Sister Nunes) drank soda and played with balloons. It was good times all around. 

Sister Castilho

Elder Church and Elder W Silva
And then later we went out for dinner, just us two. Real romantic. And I was going to pay for her as the birthday girl and all, but I ended up being short like 2 reais that I left at home. #baddate #minhavida But my companion's a good sport and loves me anyway haha. 

WEDNESDAY // We went to teach Jatobar (the man who showed up by himself last Sunday). He drinks a lot so it's been rough finding a time that he's at home and sober to teach him. But we met his family! They're great. His wife is super super supportive of him going to church and of us teaching him. Her name is Vanubia. She's not interested in the church for her, but she really wants to help her husband. When the family supports someone it's much easier, so I'm sure we'll find a way to help Jatobar this week! 

THURSDAY // Sister Castilho has been feeling pain in her knee for awhile now and this week it was hurting more than normal. So on Thursday morning we went out to the other side of the city to take her to the hospital. It looks like her knee is swelling on the inside. It's nothing serious, we just have to take care of it and she'll probably have to do some physical therapy. But we're just glad that it's nothing more serious and that she can work normally. But keep her in your prayers! (and me that I can know how to take care of her!)

FRIDAY // SATURDAY // SUNDAY // We spent these three days, and the majority of our time to be honest thinking about how we could help Paulo and Paulino. (the two men we were preparing to be baptized). They are so close I can feel it, but they still have some minor doubts. But they are so elect. They are so willing to keep the commandments. Paulino is defending the church to everyone who says anything bad about it. (even his girlfriend from a different church who threatened to break up with him if he kept going!). And he walks with the attributes of Christ in his wallet (that he copied down during a lesson in  elders quorum) He told us that he looks at it multiple times during the day and prays that he can develop these attributes! He's better than I am! Pray for them this week!!!! [mom note: I don't know if the link I provided for the attributes of Christ is what Paulino has in his wallet but I shared it because it's a good reminder for all of us to strive to live our lives with Christlike attributes]

#minhavida //
+ We did a contact with a man who has already been taught by missionaries and had even gone to church before! He introduced us to his family. . his mom, his 5 brothers, 2 sisters, their spouses and kids. . . we were pumped! And then Sister Castilho asked him why he hadn't been baptized in the church and he got all awkward and then told us that he is basically the head of a gang or something in that neighborhood. "nobody messes with him." And then he asked for our number and Sister Castilho gave him a fake number and he went off to meet up with his gang. 

An American word for muggle...this is weird haha. I didn't know that there was a different word in English "American" but I'm confused and excited about it all at the same time hahaha 

Okay I love you all!
Have a great week!

Sister Baker

Sister Weatherford and Megan
Megan and Sister Castilho 

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