week 65 . transfer week

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Hey gang. Let's start out with what you've all (aka mom's) been waiting for. . . 

+ Sister Castilho and I stayed in Potengi!!! I'm pumped. I never stay with anyone more than one transfer! And I love Sister Castilho. We're having a party. Seriously this transfer (a 7-weeker) is going to be great here. We have a lot of great investigators that we're working with. #blessed (and another blessing. . we're going to move to a new fancy apartment this month! woohoo)

+ Elder Ledesma (my ZL) was transferred to Mossoró. He was excited about that (who isn't excited to go to Mossoró?). But we're missing him here in the Zone. He's a great leader and a total crack-up. BUT in his place our new Zone Leader is Elder W. Silva!!! Sister Castilho and I had a party when we found out. He's the best. But the funniest thing was that Sister Hernandez and Sister Ríos called the AP to complain that W. Silva is in my zone again. Seriously, I spent almost half my mission with this Elder as my Zone Leader haha. 

+ Elder Aguilar (my DL) went to Mossoró too! And to ABOLIÇÃ I!!! My old area! He's going to see everyone and I'm sort of super jealous, but also way excited for him. And our new District Leader is Elder Balaich, an Elder from Sister Hernandez' group who I met in Caicó. He's great and I'm excited to work with him too. 

+ Sister Weatherford and Sister Nunes stayed in the area! Woot woot! And Sister Porter is in Gramoré! Which means she's close and we talk on the phone now!!!! Stoked on life. 

Before we got the transfer call we did "amigo secreto" with the district. It's a gift exchange. It was fun and I got a giant chocolate bar with peanuts and strawberries (courtesy of Elder Church). I'm happy that the majority of the district stayed. It's great working with all these missionaries. 

Megan and Sister Castilho 

[mom note: Someone that speaks Portuguese want to let me know what retioao, fubeca and o cara mean? I google translated it but theres either no translation or the translation didn't make sense to me]
This week Sister Castilho and I worked a lot with Paulo and Paulino who went to church last Sunday. They've accepted baptism and we're preparing them for this Sunday!! Pray for them. They truly were prepared by the spirit to accept this message. We are inviting them to make a lot of changes in their lives and they are courageously accepting and willing to do what it takes to follow the Lord. They only have a few doubts that we are hoping to help them with this week. 

#minhavida //
+ We are teaching a woman and this week we were talking with her and her kids when her husband showed up. He was a bit...intoxicated. He started talking about how Sister Castilho is black and I am white, but that we are all brothers and sisters. (funnily enough this is a common theme when drunks talk to Sister Castilho and I). Then he asked where we were from about 27 times. Then he called us angels. And then to finish it off when we were leaving I went to shake his hand and he kissed me on the head. He even went to give me another kiss on the other side but I managed to dodge it and he kissed Sister Castilho on the head instead hahaha. So gross and awkward. And then when we kissed his wife on the cheek to say bye (normal with women), he said: "Look, I knew you were going to kiss them so I just went first!" 

MIRACLE of the week. We were at church and out of nowhere a young man from the ward grabbed my arm and basically dragged me down the hall saying "there's an investigator here for you guys!!" When we showed up there was a man talking with two members of the ward. He told them that he had been on his way to a bar to drink, but walked into the church instead. He started to cry and said that he has a drinking problem and wants help. The members were awesome and bore their testimonies about how the Lord can help him, threw in a few fun facts about the Restoration of the Gospel and practically marked our return visit with him. We're going to teach him and his family tomorrow! (His name is Jatoba! Include him in your prayers!) And then when he was leaving the church one of the members, Irmão José gave him a hug and said "God loves you." It was so sweet. I love the members here. And it was amazing to see God guide that man to the church building. I'm sure it' wasn't coincidence.

And to make our week wonderful when Sister Castilho and I walked into church we saw Irmão Rogerio and Irmã Suenia and their family from Caicó!!!!!! The family that made cake and threw a party for me on my birthday. I love them! It was so great to catch up with them. Their daughter Brenda is like a little sister to me, she's great. And their other little girl Bianca said, "I miss you Sister M. Baker. I'm going to write you a letter." So sweet. And not only did we get to see them, but they invited us to eat cake with them!!! They are staying at a friend's house here in Natal and invited us over for a family home evening and cake and juice. It was just like old times in Caicó. So perfect. 

So good to hear Emily so happy. It sounds like she already sent one email before the one I got?? Did you send it to me? I don't think I got it. 

Someone said that I have a package waiting for me in the mission office. I assume it's the one you sent in September.

So fun that you got to see Eliza and Hannah! And I actually knew that you'd seen Scott because he sent me an email and told me. He doesn't think you're nuts. haha

And Sam and Janae's family costumes...OH. MY. HECK. [mom note: Megan's cousins] I love them too much. This is the best family costume ever. Griphook...I'm dying. And Dobby is the cutest ever. It's all perfect.

This week was a great one and I'm even more excited for this next week with Sister Castilho. This church is true and I love missionary work. 

Amo vocês

Sister M. Baker


  1. retidao is like righteousness, fubeca is missionary slang meaning "slacker" or a little worse than a slacker, and cara mean face or appearance. (He thinks she's pretty.) :)

    1. Thanks Jane. My nephew that also served in Brazil said o cara means the man as in "you're the man" or essentially "you are awesome" Since their missionaries I'm guessing thats a more likely translation haha.