week 10 . FIRST BAPTISM! (So excited I don't think I can think of a pun, so you know I'm really excited)

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TANIELISON WAS BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best. Day. Ever. Truly, it was perfect. Sister Garcia and I had been a little worried because a lot of people had been saying some really nasty stuff about the church to him in the week leading up to his baptism. But he always came to us and asked so he could know what was lies, thank goodness. But the day of his baptism came and he was so excited! And his dad came to the baptism and was thrilled for him which was really cool since his dad isn't a member. The spirit was so powerful and Tanielison was so so happy afterward and I was so happy and Heavenly Father was so happy and everyone was so happy! hahaha. But truly it was amazing to watch this 14 year old boy be so excited to make a covenant with God and to be cleansed from any mistakes he'd made. This is why I'm here. This gospel has brought me more joy than anything else and watching somebody else accept it... the feeling is indescribable. So so so grateful to be here, and so grateful for Tanielison. 

It was funny because after the baptism, Bishop shared a message and it was all about baptism directed right at Tanielison's dad. Haha and then after the Bishop gave Sis Garcia and I a little thumbs to the side (which is a thing the missionaries all do for baptism). But his dad genuinely was so happy that he almost hugged Sister Garcia and I hahahaha. We panicked. But he ended up just putting his hands on our shoulders (which was still awkward ha). But he said that he's lost two children to the "world" (drugs, prison, etc.) and that he's so grateful for the path that Tanielison chose! Awesome huh? But this church really is an inspired lifestyle! In the world, but not of it! 

I'll send pictures later today because we are going to Tammy's for Pday. I'll include pics of the baptism! Tanielson is practically crying in one picture. Oh my little missionary heart. I die.

We have another investigator who loves to talk. The other day we tried to teach him a lesson and he stopped us so many times that it took us 2 HOURS to teach! 2 hours. Normally lessons are 45 minutes at the longest. And he kept asking the most random questions in the world haha: Was Peter the first pope? Do you believe in destiny? Reincarnation? What color were Jesus' eyes? Why aren't we all rich? etc. etc. etc. It was really frustrating but also hilarious. I think Sister Garcia just about strangled him haha. But he's really awesome and genuinely wants to learn more! He believes it's true, he just is scared to take the next step and be baptized. But he's ready! And also during that lesson with him I saw a MIRACLE. I was able to understand everything he said! I was able to respond to a bunch of questions! (which would have been tough in english, and was harder in portuguese haha). I know I made a trillion mistakes when I was talking, but the important thing was that I was able to understand and respond. The gift of tongues people! It's real. That was not me doing all of that, because I still can't understand a lot of what people say. God is watching out for me and helping me to share this gospel!!!

Random thoughts from the week ::

+ Everyone here LOVES the Voice, they talk about it all the time and a member was watching it when we went over for lunch and Dad, I think of you every time someone mentions it. 

+ It does not feel like October here. It's getting hotter and hotter and I'm going to die. But sometimes there's a little breeze and I smell the "presents" that all the random horses and cows leave in the street and I close my eyes and pretend I'm at the pumpkin patch and it's just like home ;) hahaha

+ I have been told that I look like a five year old probably 100 times. I'm either a child or a barbie to the people here. haha I didn't think I looked that young but alright! And I wore the dress I wore to my farewell to conference and now Tammy's daughter only calls me "Doritch" aka Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz hahaha. 

+ another miracle. it RAINED in Mossoro and the sisters and I walked home through it and were completely drenched and it was a dream come true. 

Scripture for the week ::

Ether 1. The brother of Jared! What really hit me this time when I was reading it was that he didn't just pray once and Heavenly Father gave him all the answers. He asked for specific blessings and God gave them to him, but he asked a bunch of times. Heavenly Father is prepared to bless us with so much (spiritually, materially, mentally), but we have to ask Him! 

Also whenever I feel bummed because I'm away from my family and friends for a year and a half I just remember that literally everybody that Moroni knew was killed and he lived for like 60 years alone. I can do a year and a half haha. 

Com amor 

Sister Baker

The streets or paralelepípedos in her area that she talks about in this letter
[mom note: It's been rather hard getting Megan to answer questions we send or to get her thoughts or responses on things we share in our letters to her. I think she may finally be finding a groove with letter writing and we got a few answers and responses to our letters this week]

Sister Garcia is fine, just some pain in her ankle. She might go to the doctor this week but it's not serious [mom note: I asked about her companions foot/ankle because I noticed it was wrapped in a few pictures]

Of course Hailey is engaged! I knew it. [mom note: girlfriend from BYU, Congratulations Hailey!]

We have a washing machine but hang our clothes to dry

Haven't gotten any MissionTies pictures yet. I got some letters from you guys (up until the Halloween cards which were so cute!) and I think one or two other MissionTies letters. We get mail whenever someone comes from Natal, so 2 weeks mais or menos (more or less) I think.

I don't think I'll see Meet the Mormons but it sounds awesome. Let's go to dinner and watch it when I get home and do karaoke, sound good? And until then keep being the awesome person that you are and read the Book of Mormon and pray and share. Think about how the church has made you happier! It's the greatest blessing we have. [mom note: her response to her brother Luke's letter]

[mom note: we got some PICTURES(!!) from Megan on Wednesday. They are posted here]

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