week 11 . no time for a witty title #sorry

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This week's email is going to be shorter than normal because I had a ton of emails today! You guys are the best. Thank you thank you for taking the time to send me little messages, they make the work here so much easier. Honestly everybody at home, you have no idea how much your words affect and strengthen me. Thank you!

Let's start with last pday. . . water balloon fight. It was basically heaven in this heat. And we ate cake too. Sweets, water, fun. Perfect day. I love my district!!! All of them are awesome and it was such a fun day. I think Tammy posted pictures on Facebook of the day too so you can see. [mom note: Tammy is a missionary moms dream. The pictures she posted to Facebook are below] Also I bought a hammock and it's perfect and I'm never going to get out of it when I get home. 

I was thinking this week that my mission is probably really similar to Mom's mission. People here are really open to talk about God, to invite us to sit in front of their house and chat, they're all kind and loving, but people here don't want to leave their religions or commit to just one. Mom, any advice on how to deal with this?? I love the people here, but it's easy to get frustrated with their lack of desire to go to church or progress. 

I FINISHED the Book of Mormon this week!!! It was perfect. And even though I've read it before this, I understood it better than ever this last time. I am SO grateful for the Book of Mormon, that it can help us know our Savior better and help us to be more like him. As I finished reading, I couldn't stop thinking about Moroni's promise (Moroni 10:3-5). And I felt like I should do what he said and pray about the Book of Mormon, to know if it's true. But then I was thinking why whould I do that? I know this book is true. I have a testimony of it. That's why I'm here. But then I realized that my testimony of the Book of Mormon has come over time, slow and steady, throughout my whole life. But here in Brazil I'm asking my investigators to pray, and I'm promising them that they will receive a response from God. I wanted to know that this promise was true. So I went into our little bathroom in our house because it's the only place I can be alone as a missionary haha. And I prayed. I asked Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon is true, if it is the word of God. And immediately, I started to cry. My heart was burning. I couldn't stop smiling. Heavenly Father responded. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. So test Moroni's promise! Whether you're a member or not, whether you've already prayed about the Book of Mormon or not. We all can gain a stronger testimony of this book if we ask!!! Read it (even if it's just a chapter or some verses, and ask heavenly father if it's true, and he WILL answer!)

Running out of time so here's some bullet points from my week. . . 

+ Guarana do Amazonas is a mystery milkshake type drink [mom note: mystery solved, recipe found here] that is perfect and I want to drink it every single day. 

Photo found via Google of a Guarana do Amazonas street vendor in Mossoro, the area Megan is serving in

+ Gin-gim is like a creamy ice cream otter pop and I ate an avocado flavored one and it was perfect

+ What's the conversion from pounds to kilos so I can know how fat i'm getting from all the food I just mentioned?

+ We taught that boy Thiago who I mentioned awhile back who loves me because I'm American. When we finished teaching he practically yelled in my face, now speak English! And we said, "Thiago did you understand anything we just taught?" And then he repeated everything we said exactly and "Now speak english!" haha. Love this kid. 

Okay Ive got to get off the computer now. Sorry this is the lamest email of all time. 

I love you all so much and miss you!!!!

Have an awesome week. 
Sister Baker

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