three cheers for wifi cameras

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It's always a good day when emails show up and say "From: camera@samsung.com" Today we got pictures from Megan's camera as well as a few from Tammy, a member in her area, via Facebook. 
It seems from the first few pictures that her feet, ankles and legs have taken a bit of a beating. She talks briefly about it in this letter. I'm sure by now the swelling has gone down. The bug bites however may be a continual problem...she's always the one getting bitten on camping trips and outdoor adventures. And we'll excuse the serious need for a pedicure since she's losing herself in service haha

Any pain in her feet must not have lasted long since this looks like a Pday excursion to try on shoes. (No explanation from her for any of these pictures so I'm guessing) Missionary or not...girls will be girls. I love that she is enjoying trying on shoes that I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have any interest in at home

Megan and Sister Garcia
Sister Garcia and Sister Cieslak
Sister Garcia, Megan and Tammy's daughter
Megan and Sister Garcia. I love that Megan is wearing her Stately Type t-shrt. I'm a huge fan of David Lesue's work. This Brazil tee is the perfect Pday shirt. 
Tammy and Megan

Megan and Sister Garcia
Sister Baker and Sister Baker (there will be another Sister Baker joining them in the mission in about a month)
Megan and Sister Porter. Megan and Sister Porter connected via Instagram when they both posted about their mission calls to Natal. Although they had talked before the mission they had never met until this (which I think is at a Zone Conference) 
Sister Garcia, Sister Olla, Sister Cieslak and Megan. I believe that Megan and Sister Garcia share an apartment with Sister Olla and Sister Cieslak. Sister Garcia and Sister Cieslak are Brazilian and Sister Olla is from El Salvador,  I think, but has lived in the US so she speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese
So curious to know what is going on in this picture
We are grateful for Megan's sweet trainer, Sister Garcia

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