week 12 . so many emotions...alone, portuguese, trapped

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First things first. . . TRANSFERS. It's been crazy up in here. First, we had an emergency transfer after email last week and Sister Cieslak left after just 5 weeks here in Mossoro! Then Sister Porter was Sister Olla's new companheira. (The same Sister Porter that I found on Instagram before the mission! She's awesome! Way outgoing and adorable and love her to bits). 

Sister Porter and Megan
Then we got the call for actual transfers last night. . . and EVERYONE LEFT EXCEPT ME. Ahhhhhhh. I died. Sister Garcia (minha mae!) left me partway through my training, and we were both so sad. [mom note: a new missionary usually stays with their first companion/trainer for 12 weeks] We had gotten to be really close friends. She's a riot and a half and seriously saved my life out here and made me laugh and have a good time even when it was hard. And Sister Porter left after just a week here! Seriously we were all confused and stressed beyond belief. So my new companion Sister Marcelino is getting here tonight! So many emotions right now, I can't handle my life. 

To relieve my stress let's flashback to when I used to do #minhavida because I have quite a few this week haha. 

+ We did a service project and helped this woman clean her house  She took a shower while we were cleaning, no big deal, but left the door open and I saw everything. My oh my, an experience I could've definitely lived without. 

+ We taught a lesson to a man who we had met through contacts, and there I am, super pumped on teaching the Restoration of the Gospel. I finish explaining the Apostosy in detail. And he turns to Sister Garcia and asks her if I speak Portuguese. You've got to be kidding me. haha. And then she asks him what he understood about the Apostosy and he says something along the lines of "oh yeah, that business with the 12 apostles right?" And then he continued to treat me like a complete idiot, acting out everything he said and criticizing my portuguese every other sentence. Which I can laugh about now, but honestly in the moment I wasn't laughing too much (crying. typical me haha). But THEN the next day I was super stressed about the language, about our investigators, everything. Sister Garcia too. And so we both were praying like crazy for a good experience. First, we had a lesson and the man we were teaching was blown away that I could speak as much portuguese as I do in just a couple months here. I think he was partially just being nice, but it was a confidence boost I needed. And then even better, we were walking along the road and a man on a moto stops right in our faces. We panic for a second thinking he's going to be a crazy, but then the first thing out of his mouth is "When can you two teach me a lesson at my house?" WHAT? Turns out he's already been to church 6 times, and talked to the missionaries before, but lost contact. Hallelujah. MIRACLE. Seriously I almost cried again, this time from joy because I needed that more than anything. 

+ Funnier #minhavida moment. I woke up yesterday and went to the bathroom. Normal. But when I tried to leave the bathroom, the door wouldn't open. Not normal. So I'm panicking, trying to open the door, calling for Sister Garcia, knocking so someone will help me. And then Sister Garcia is like carving part of the door off to help me out and there I am locked in the bathroom for like 10 minutes feeling more claustrophobic every minute haha. Then Sister Olla comes along, twists the doorknob in some weird way, and pop, door's open. But now we can't close our bathroom door or we'll be trapped inside. haha. Only me. 

scripture ::

1 Nephi 18. Nephi was travelling with his family and Laman and Lemuel are being bullies as usual and tie him up. He's tied up for four days. There's a huge storm. And when they finally release him his wrists and ankles are swollen and in a ton of pain, but all he does is THANK the LORD. What an awesome example. I want to have that kind of gratitude in my heart for my Heavenly Father!

Alright everyone, out of time! But I miss you all and hope you guys have a great week!
Thanks for the emails, the prayers, and the love. 


[mom note: we received two emails this week, one answering some of the questions we had]

Did you finally get hangers to hang up your clothes?
No hangers yet, but it's easier without them in the house we have.

Are your clothes and shoes working for you?
Clothes and shoes are all great! 

What shoes are the comfiest?
Berks are probably the comfiest, but Chacos are the best for walking because they're so sturdy [mom note: I've included the links for both shoes since I know sometimes future missionaries find other missionary blogs while looking for information that is helpful as they prepare for their mission]

What things, if any, do you wish you would have left home?
As of now I can't think of anything. Maybe some hygiene stuff that they have here, but we didn't know if they would.

What do you wish you would have brought?
Can't think of anything right now. . maybe more plain colored tshirts, I have a lot of patterns. (I think I left a light blue shirt at home! darn)

How much do you think you walk a day?
A crapload. (am I allowed to say that as a missionary?) 

Are you sleeping well?
I'm not lacking sleep, like I'm not super tired (other than physically exhausted at the end of the day from walking), but I usually wake up a few times early every morning (3, 4, 5 o'clock) which is super weird since before the mission I was Miss narcolepsy. 

Is it too hot to sleep?
It's actually usually fine, some nights is hotter than others, but we have a fan blowing on us. haha One time though I woke up with my hair in a bun that I don't remember doing. Guess I woke up dying of heat haha. 

How do you stay cool at night?
The fan! 

What do you do during your workout time?
Jumping jacks, squats, and a tonnnnn of stretching. Guess who can touch their toes now. . . ME! Miracle of miracles. 

Do you need more journals? If so, which ones?
I've almost finished one of each (the black hardback for church and the tan soft cover for daily) I think I have more church journals but I will probably need more of both since I write a ton haha

Are there interesting cultural things that people do there that we don't? Kiss to greet one another? Things like that.
Everyone kisses on the cheek to greet each other. and just a lot of little things are different: the way they clean the house, the fact that lunch is the biggest meal (oh and here EVERYONE sleeps after lunch. Literally everyone. It's like a ghost town, just us and the sun beating down haha

Have you eaten anything strange yet?
Not anything super strange, just fish one time that I was not a fan of, but I ate it all anyways.

Are you getting tan or burnt? haha Are you using sunscreen?
Tan as can be. Using sunscreen every day, but I think the sun is just ignoring my sunscreen. 

Where is Sister Garcia from?
Sao Paulo! 

How long has she been out?
Almost 9 months. 

Do you get along with all the sisters in your house?
Yes yes! (more on this in my general)

Did you get your Christmas package or other package yet?
No packages yet, but we haven't gotten any mail from the escritorio [mom note: office] since the big zone conference


get cultured . frevo

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No letter from Megan yet this week. I think her regular Pday which is normally on a Monday gets moved to later in the week every 6 weeks to accommodate transfers (new missionaries coming into the mission and some of the current missionaries being moved to new areas in the mission) While we wait on Meg's letter I thought I'd share some cultural information about the Nordeste, the Northeast area of Brazil where Megan is serving.

Megan loves to dance. Put some music on and she can't help but start moving. I hope she'll get a chance to see the FREVO being performed. And if she does I'm keeping my fingers crossed she doesn't break from her missionary demeanor and join in haha.

From Wikipedia...

The word frevo is said to come from frever, a misspeaking of the Portuguese word ferver (to boil). It is said that the sound of the frevo will make listeners and dancers feel as if they are boiling on the ground. The word frevo is used for both the frevo music and the frevo dance.

The frevo music came first. By the end of the 19th century, bands from the Brazilian Army regiments based in the city of Recife started a tradition of parading during the Carnival. Since the Carnival is originally linked to Catholicism, they played religious procession marches and martial music, as well. A couple of regiments had famous bands which attracted lots of followers and it was just a matter of time to people start to compare one to another and cheer for their favorite bands. The two most famous bands were the Espanha (meaning Spain), whose conductor was of Spanish origin, and the 14, from the 14th regiment. The bands started to compete with each other and also started playing faster and faster, louder and louder.
Some tough men used to go ahead of the band, opening space to its parade by bullying people on the streets and threatening them with capoeira (Afro-Brazilian martial art and dancing) and knives. Eventually, when the bands met each other in the streets, fights between the capoeiristas were inevitable. These fights normally ended up with many wounded and even dead.
In order to end the violence, the police started to pursue the capoeiras and arrested many during their exhibitions. The latter reacted in a clever way by carrying umbrellas instead of knives and also disguising the capoeira movements as dance movements. The frevo dance was born.
In the same spirit of competition that created it, Frevo dance was developed by transforming the capoeira movements into the quasi-acrobatical movements of the dance. Each dancer worked hard in order to develop a new movement which required much rehearsal, strength, endurance and flexibility and the fight between the groups moved from the physical to the aesthetical field. Frevo dance movements include jumps, coordinated fast leg movements, leg flexions, tumbling etc.
Frevo dance is now known as passo and Frevo dancers as passistas. The clothes of the passistas also developed from regular clothing to a skimpy attire that is more appropriate for the movements. They are also very colorful, so they can be more visible in the crowd.
The umbrella also developed from regular black umbrellas with wooden handles to a small and also colorful umbrella. Umbrella movements are part of the dance and doing acrobatics with them is a common practice. It's not uncommon to see passistas throwing umbrellas in the air, do some movement, and catch them again. They also pass the umbrellas between their legs. The most common movement is just swinging the umbrella and passing it from hand to hand while executing regular movements.

And should you want to learn a few Frevo steps to impress Megan with when she gets home the BBC has got you covered just click here.


week 11 . no time for a witty title #sorry

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This week's email is going to be shorter than normal because I had a ton of emails today! You guys are the best. Thank you thank you for taking the time to send me little messages, they make the work here so much easier. Honestly everybody at home, you have no idea how much your words affect and strengthen me. Thank you!

Let's start with last pday. . . water balloon fight. It was basically heaven in this heat. And we ate cake too. Sweets, water, fun. Perfect day. I love my district!!! All of them are awesome and it was such a fun day. I think Tammy posted pictures on Facebook of the day too so you can see. [mom note: Tammy is a missionary moms dream. The pictures she posted to Facebook are below] Also I bought a hammock and it's perfect and I'm never going to get out of it when I get home. 

I was thinking this week that my mission is probably really similar to Mom's mission. People here are really open to talk about God, to invite us to sit in front of their house and chat, they're all kind and loving, but people here don't want to leave their religions or commit to just one. Mom, any advice on how to deal with this?? I love the people here, but it's easy to get frustrated with their lack of desire to go to church or progress. 

I FINISHED the Book of Mormon this week!!! It was perfect. And even though I've read it before this, I understood it better than ever this last time. I am SO grateful for the Book of Mormon, that it can help us know our Savior better and help us to be more like him. As I finished reading, I couldn't stop thinking about Moroni's promise (Moroni 10:3-5). And I felt like I should do what he said and pray about the Book of Mormon, to know if it's true. But then I was thinking why whould I do that? I know this book is true. I have a testimony of it. That's why I'm here. But then I realized that my testimony of the Book of Mormon has come over time, slow and steady, throughout my whole life. But here in Brazil I'm asking my investigators to pray, and I'm promising them that they will receive a response from God. I wanted to know that this promise was true. So I went into our little bathroom in our house because it's the only place I can be alone as a missionary haha. And I prayed. I asked Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon is true, if it is the word of God. And immediately, I started to cry. My heart was burning. I couldn't stop smiling. Heavenly Father responded. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. So test Moroni's promise! Whether you're a member or not, whether you've already prayed about the Book of Mormon or not. We all can gain a stronger testimony of this book if we ask!!! Read it (even if it's just a chapter or some verses, and ask heavenly father if it's true, and he WILL answer!)

Running out of time so here's some bullet points from my week. . . 

+ Guarana do Amazonas is a mystery milkshake type drink [mom note: mystery solved, recipe found here] that is perfect and I want to drink it every single day. 

Photo found via Google of a Guarana do Amazonas street vendor in Mossoro, the area Megan is serving in

+ Gin-gim is like a creamy ice cream otter pop and I ate an avocado flavored one and it was perfect

+ What's the conversion from pounds to kilos so I can know how fat i'm getting from all the food I just mentioned?

+ We taught that boy Thiago who I mentioned awhile back who loves me because I'm American. When we finished teaching he practically yelled in my face, now speak English! And we said, "Thiago did you understand anything we just taught?" And then he repeated everything we said exactly and "Now speak english!" haha. Love this kid. 

Okay Ive got to get off the computer now. Sorry this is the lamest email of all time. 

I love you all so much and miss you!!!!

Have an awesome week. 
Sister Baker


week 10 . FIRST BAPTISM! (So excited I don't think I can think of a pun, so you know I'm really excited)

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TANIELISON WAS BAPTIZED THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best. Day. Ever. Truly, it was perfect. Sister Garcia and I had been a little worried because a lot of people had been saying some really nasty stuff about the church to him in the week leading up to his baptism. But he always came to us and asked so he could know what was lies, thank goodness. But the day of his baptism came and he was so excited! And his dad came to the baptism and was thrilled for him which was really cool since his dad isn't a member. The spirit was so powerful and Tanielison was so so happy afterward and I was so happy and Heavenly Father was so happy and everyone was so happy! hahaha. But truly it was amazing to watch this 14 year old boy be so excited to make a covenant with God and to be cleansed from any mistakes he'd made. This is why I'm here. This gospel has brought me more joy than anything else and watching somebody else accept it... the feeling is indescribable. So so so grateful to be here, and so grateful for Tanielison. 

It was funny because after the baptism, Bishop shared a message and it was all about baptism directed right at Tanielison's dad. Haha and then after the Bishop gave Sis Garcia and I a little thumbs to the side (which is a thing the missionaries all do for baptism). But his dad genuinely was so happy that he almost hugged Sister Garcia and I hahahaha. We panicked. But he ended up just putting his hands on our shoulders (which was still awkward ha). But he said that he's lost two children to the "world" (drugs, prison, etc.) and that he's so grateful for the path that Tanielison chose! Awesome huh? But this church really is an inspired lifestyle! In the world, but not of it! 

I'll send pictures later today because we are going to Tammy's for Pday. I'll include pics of the baptism! Tanielson is practically crying in one picture. Oh my little missionary heart. I die.

We have another investigator who loves to talk. The other day we tried to teach him a lesson and he stopped us so many times that it took us 2 HOURS to teach! 2 hours. Normally lessons are 45 minutes at the longest. And he kept asking the most random questions in the world haha: Was Peter the first pope? Do you believe in destiny? Reincarnation? What color were Jesus' eyes? Why aren't we all rich? etc. etc. etc. It was really frustrating but also hilarious. I think Sister Garcia just about strangled him haha. But he's really awesome and genuinely wants to learn more! He believes it's true, he just is scared to take the next step and be baptized. But he's ready! And also during that lesson with him I saw a MIRACLE. I was able to understand everything he said! I was able to respond to a bunch of questions! (which would have been tough in english, and was harder in portuguese haha). I know I made a trillion mistakes when I was talking, but the important thing was that I was able to understand and respond. The gift of tongues people! It's real. That was not me doing all of that, because I still can't understand a lot of what people say. God is watching out for me and helping me to share this gospel!!!

Random thoughts from the week ::

+ Everyone here LOVES the Voice, they talk about it all the time and a member was watching it when we went over for lunch and Dad, I think of you every time someone mentions it. 

+ It does not feel like October here. It's getting hotter and hotter and I'm going to die. But sometimes there's a little breeze and I smell the "presents" that all the random horses and cows leave in the street and I close my eyes and pretend I'm at the pumpkin patch and it's just like home ;) hahaha

+ I have been told that I look like a five year old probably 100 times. I'm either a child or a barbie to the people here. haha I didn't think I looked that young but alright! And I wore the dress I wore to my farewell to conference and now Tammy's daughter only calls me "Doritch" aka Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz hahaha. 

+ another miracle. it RAINED in Mossoro and the sisters and I walked home through it and were completely drenched and it was a dream come true. 

Scripture for the week ::

Ether 1. The brother of Jared! What really hit me this time when I was reading it was that he didn't just pray once and Heavenly Father gave him all the answers. He asked for specific blessings and God gave them to him, but he asked a bunch of times. Heavenly Father is prepared to bless us with so much (spiritually, materially, mentally), but we have to ask Him! 

Also whenever I feel bummed because I'm away from my family and friends for a year and a half I just remember that literally everybody that Moroni knew was killed and he lived for like 60 years alone. I can do a year and a half haha. 

Com amor 

Sister Baker

The streets or paralelepípedos in her area that she talks about in this letter
[mom note: It's been rather hard getting Megan to answer questions we send or to get her thoughts or responses on things we share in our letters to her. I think she may finally be finding a groove with letter writing and we got a few answers and responses to our letters this week]

Sister Garcia is fine, just some pain in her ankle. She might go to the doctor this week but it's not serious [mom note: I asked about her companions foot/ankle because I noticed it was wrapped in a few pictures]

Of course Hailey is engaged! I knew it. [mom note: girlfriend from BYU, Congratulations Hailey!]

We have a washing machine but hang our clothes to dry

Haven't gotten any MissionTies pictures yet. I got some letters from you guys (up until the Halloween cards which were so cute!) and I think one or two other MissionTies letters. We get mail whenever someone comes from Natal, so 2 weeks mais or menos (more or less) I think.

I don't think I'll see Meet the Mormons but it sounds awesome. Let's go to dinner and watch it when I get home and do karaoke, sound good? And until then keep being the awesome person that you are and read the Book of Mormon and pray and share. Think about how the church has made you happier! It's the greatest blessing we have. [mom note: her response to her brother Luke's letter]

[mom note: we got some PICTURES(!!) from Megan on Wednesday. They are posted here]


three cheers for wifi cameras

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It's always a good day when emails show up and say "From: camera@samsung.com" Today we got pictures from Megan's camera as well as a few from Tammy, a member in her area, via Facebook. 
It seems from the first few pictures that her feet, ankles and legs have taken a bit of a beating. She talks briefly about it in this letter. I'm sure by now the swelling has gone down. The bug bites however may be a continual problem...she's always the one getting bitten on camping trips and outdoor adventures. And we'll excuse the serious need for a pedicure since she's losing herself in service haha

Any pain in her feet must not have lasted long since this looks like a Pday excursion to try on shoes. (No explanation from her for any of these pictures so I'm guessing) Missionary or not...girls will be girls. I love that she is enjoying trying on shoes that I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have any interest in at home

Megan and Sister Garcia
Sister Garcia and Sister Cieslak
Sister Garcia, Megan and Tammy's daughter
Megan and Sister Garcia. I love that Megan is wearing her Stately Type t-shrt. I'm a huge fan of David Lesue's work. This Brazil tee is the perfect Pday shirt. 
Tammy and Megan

Megan and Sister Garcia
Sister Baker and Sister Baker (there will be another Sister Baker joining them in the mission in about a month)
Megan and Sister Porter. Megan and Sister Porter connected via Instagram when they both posted about their mission calls to Natal. Although they had talked before the mission they had never met until this (which I think is at a Zone Conference) 
Sister Garcia, Sister Olla, Sister Cieslak and Megan. I believe that Megan and Sister Garcia share an apartment with Sister Olla and Sister Cieslak. Sister Garcia and Sister Cieslak are Brazilian and Sister Olla is from El Salvador,  I think, but has lived in the US so she speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese
So curious to know what is going on in this picture
We are grateful for Megan's sweet trainer, Sister Garcia


week 9 . General TOM(Monson)ference

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So I'm just DYING of happiness because General Conference was PERFECT.

Seriously, I've never been so grateful for a General Conference weekend in my life. I really realize now how very very blessed we are to know that there is a living prophet of God on the earth. And I couldn't help but think how worldwide this church truly is. The members of the seventy speaking in their native languages (portuguese holla!) and the fact that I was sitting in a little room in a church building in Brazil hearing the same things as members of the church around the world really hit me. This gospel is spreading like wildfire and I'm so grateful that I get to be a part of that growth here in Brazil. And wow did everyone talk about prophets??? All the missionaries were saying that it sounded like President Monson was going to pass away soon because of what all the speakers were saying (here's how we get a new prophet, thanks to Pres. Monson for his service, etc) And I was thinking the whole time of this dream that I had last week... I was in the celestial room of the temple and I saw President Monson and he gave me a hug and it was perfect. But then he said that he was sick and didn't have much time left on this earth. What. So during conference that was just going through my mind the entire time. 

But really I just want to watch conference again and again and again. I could talk for ages about each and every speaker, but I'm assuming you all watched it so you don't need a play by play from me. If you didn't watch it, GO WATCH IT. [mom note: not all talks are available yet, it takes about a week to get them all posted. The GO WATCH IT link will direct you where to watch or read the talks as they become available. Be sure to check back during the week for updates if your're interested] There is no better way to feel the love of our Heavenly Father than by listening to His words through the mouths of his servants. 

This week we also had a big Zone Conference in Caico. So we woke up at 2:30 am to get on a bus and go there for the day. Well my body wasn't liking that too much. We got into a member's car (Tammy!) [mom note: Tammy is the sweet member who often posts pictures of Megan on Facebook. We love her for that.] so she could take us to the church to meet the Elders and get on the bus, and right before she started driving, I open the door and. . . throw up all over the ground. #minhavida So gross haha. But after that I ate some food and got some sleep on the bus and everything was totally fine. (so don't worry momma I'm not sick!) But the conference was all about the Book of Mormon and I loved it!!!! This book is vital in our work, because people can choose not to believe every word that I say, but if they read the Book of Mormon, sincerely desiring to know if it's true the spirit will testify to them. 

Mom, if you could send me a couple basic recipes: cookies, and maybe a couple meal type recipes too that would be great. Sister Garcia and Sister Cieslak (the sister with the short hair in the pic I sent) both cook all the time, and Sister Olla (the other sister in that picture) and I never know what to do because they have different things at the grocery stores here so it's harder to improvise. One example of different food. . . at a member's house the other day they pour some pink stuff into my cup. At first I thought it was like strawberry milk, because people love that here. And I thought of Dad's love for strawberry/banana milk haha. But then I took a sip and realized it was actually exactly like drinking gogurt. Exactly. haha. 

Nate, I'm so PROUD of you for all the family history work you're doing! I was thinking of you during that entire general conference talk about family history work. I have a little homework assignment for you (and the rest of the fam). If you guys could track down the conversion stories of our ancestors and send them to me, that would be amazing! I want to be able to explain to people here how my family found this gospel that has changed all of our lives! How one person can change the lives of generations to come. 

Tanielieson wasn't baptized on Sunday. . . BUT it's okay because he's going to be baptized on quarta feira (which I think is Wednesday haha, I've lost track of how the days of the week translate). He went to the last session of General Conference which was great! (THANK YOU Elder Bednar!!!!) [mom note: she is thanking Elder Bednar for his talk that was given specifically to those who aren't members of our church] This kid is seriously awesome, and I truly believe that he is going to be an amazing, firm member of the church. So excited for him!! 

I am truly loving the work here! What I don't love is when people don't progress, when they listen to their neighbors or their friends rather than the truth from God. But when people really get what we're saying, when I watch them change through the power of this message and the spirit. . . there's nothing better!

My biggest hardship right now is still the language. I hate that I can't communicate with people, because I have a testimony of this gospel and I just want to share it! And it's not just the language, the culture here is really different, and I don't understand it quite yet. Sister Garcia can talk to people about things that are common to Brazil or the Nordeste, but I just say things like "We're missionaries. Do you want to go to church?" hahaha. It's kind of like when you go to a friends house to eat dinner and you want to help clean up but you have no idea where the plates, forks, cups go in the kitchen. Or even where the sponge is to wash them. And then you can't ask your friend where everything goes because they speak portuguese hahaha. 

But despite the little frustrations, being here is the biggest blessing of my life. I have learned more about the scriptures, the Gospel, and my Savior Jesus Christ in my short time here than ever before. I LOVE the Book of Mormon with my whole heart. I just finished Alma this week, and I am constantly inspired by the examples of the heroes of the Book of Mormon. Alma 48. Captain Moroni. I die. I want to be a person with perfect understanding whose heart swells with thanksgiving to God! A person firm in the faith of Christ! So grateful for the examples we have in the Book of Mormon. Also when I was reading the story of the 2000 stripling warriors this week I was crying crying crying, they are perfect examples of faith despite serious adversity. 

I KNOW that this church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, is the true church of Jesus Christ on the earth. It is not led by men, it is led by Christ through men. We have the fullness of the gospel of Christ, and I am immensely grateful for that. Thomas S. Monson is a PROPHET of God. He was called of God. And he called me to serve a mission here in Brazil. This gospel is perfect. I thank my Heavenly Father daily that I have a testimony of this gospel and that I was raised by "goodly parents" who taught me the importance of the things that I am teaching the people here. Mom, Dad, you are the best examples of disciples of Christ that I know. I am so grateful for you, for the things you did everyday to not only tell me but to show me how to live a life dedicated to the service of our Lord Jesus Christ. Like the stripling warriors, like Enos, like Nephi, I learned about this church first and foremost from my parents. I want to teach people here about the joy of this gospel so they can share it with their families. I love this gospel and I love my family. I love that through this gospel I can be with my family for ETERNITY. (so you guys better get ready for lots of puns).

Sister Baker
Sister Olla, Megan, Sister Garcia and Sister Cieslak