week 24 . all the emotions right now

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I GOT TRANSFERRED. I'm having very mixed feelings. Mossorró and the Urick Graff ward are like a second home to me now. I love the members here. I love Sister Marcelino and am bummed that I won't kill her (aka stay with her for her last transfer on the mish). I love our recent-converts, and I feel like a mom leaving my kids with a babysitter for the first time. Stressed about leaving them. And I love our investigators. We have some amazing families here, including a couple that's going to mark the date of their marriage this week. Tears. But I am also really excited to go to NATAL. I'm going to be serving in Alecrim.

It's an area with two sisters, my companion (I think her name is Sister Keesy?) and I, and the two mission secretaries. I'll be really close to the mission office too so that means I get letters faster woot woot! haha. I'm still in Mossoró, but I´ll head out for Natal at 10:30 this morning. Nervous, excited, sad, happy, all the emotions right now. 

We had TWO BAPTISMS this week! At least I am leaving Mossoró on a high right? The first was Leandro's mom, Leslie, on Saturday morning. It was absolutely beautiful. Of course right before the baptism there was a hundred things to resolve and Sister Marcelino and I got super stressed and there might have been some tears, BUT I remembered a scripture that dad sent me awhile back. "Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." [mom note: Psalms 30:5] And the joy came! Everything turned out fine and we had the baptism and it was perfect. The spirit was so strong, especially in the moment that Leslie came out of the water and hugged her son. It was like it was just the two of them there. Such a sweet moment.

Leandro and Leslie
I love Leslie and I am so grateful that I happened to be here the week that she was here. This family is so special to me and now I get to be a part of their lives forever.

Leandro, Tammy, their 3 children and Leslie

Leandro and Leslie

Tammy and Leslie

Leslie and her granddaughter

Megan, Leslie and Sister Marcelino
Meg and Tammy mastering the selfie
Leslie's baptism

Leandro, Leslie and Bishop Silva

Bishop Silva

Leandro and Leslie

PS on a less spiritual note, the city where Leslie lives is pronounced almost identically to Tatooine! Ah Star Wars. I geeked out. And so did some of the Elders when I told them haha.

The other baptism was Felipe (who's name is actually Marcos Vinicius, but his nickname is Felipe haha). [mom note: Megan didn't send home pictures this week so there are no pictures of Felipe's baptism yet. The pictures above from Leslie's baptism were taken from Facebook] He's the boy who walked to church by himself even with a broken collarbone that I talked about last week! And this week he wasn't feeling great, but he still walked to church with us. During the first hour he started feeling worse so he walked home (25 minute walk more or less). But guess what happened after sacrament ended. We walked out of the room and look who had walked back to the church for his baptism. Felipe. I love this kid! 17 years old, but so mature and dedicated and wants to serve a mission! His baptism was amazing as well. He was so happy afterward! And he's already figuring out the logistics with mission papers and college and everything. 

Remember that little boy I told you guys about who prayed about the church even though we didn't think he was listening? Well this boy might actually be an angel. He is always making presents for Sister Marcelino and I, he loves reading the Book of Mormon, he also wants to be a missionary, and yesterday he wrote a "hymn" and a message to sing and share with us. It was the sweetest thing, and the message was actually amazing. All about why Christ suffered and died for us. 10 years old this boy! And when I told him that I was going to Natal. . . his eyes got all wide and he tried to not cry, but he just said "thank you so much for everything" and just cried and cried. And then of course I cried because there was no way that I could see this adorable sweet boy crying and not cry. 

Yesterday was filled with a lot of goodbyes and it wasn't easy, but I know that I was here in Mossoró because it was a part of the Lord's plan. And that I'm going to Alecrim because it's a part of the Lord's plan too. And He knows better than I do. [mom note: more Facebook photos]

Leslie, Megan and Sister Marcelino

Megan with Gleydson and Grenda

Also, my new companion is from São Paulo! Again! My third companion in the field and all three from São Paulo. And these Paulistas walk fast. Really fast. Haha so I'm developing a new talent here. 

Mom, yesterday a member said that "everyone talks about my blog" here. Apparently it's fancy as can be and you post a bunch of interesting things. Haha can't wait to see it myself in 2016. But just know that your blogging prowess is appreciated in Mossoró. 

Glad Nate is okay, crazy kid [mom note: Nate suffered a concussion this week in his rugby game] Also he looks like a man and its freaking me out.

I hope you guys are all doing well and having a great week! I know that I am! I realized this week that I think that a part of the reason that God wanted me to be a missionary, was so that I could learn how to be a better member of the church. Looking back I didn't truly understand the role of missionary work in the church, and I didn't serve as much as I should have. I feel like even though I did the basics, there was a lot missing for me to be a good member. I lived in my own little bubble, reading the scriptures and saying my prayers, but only worrying about myself and my spiritual growth. I realize now how much more there is for me to do! I love recognizing new reasons every week why I'm serving a mission. I'm always overwhelmed by how much better God knows what will make me happy than I do. 

I love you all so much! 
Com carinho
Sister Baker 

PS mom thanks for the tip on the weekly email recipients list. It's a lifesaver! 

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