week 38 . sometimes you just want to eat your feelings with cake

Olá querida família e amigos!

This week we got to the internet cafe a little bit later than normal because Sister Porter gave all the sisters in our house pedicures. Like hot water and eight different kinds of Burt's Bees creams and basically saving my poor mission destroyed feet. Sister Hernandez and Sister Morais have like 4-5 months on the mission so their feet are still normal. But the fact that Sister Porter gave me a pedicure...true Christlike service. I LOVE HER. (and so do my feet). I'm so lucky to live with people who are so service-minded. 

This week was a roller coaster. One day would be perfect and then the next. . .well not so good. But we worked our Chacos off this week and even though we didn't have all the success that we would have liked, we saw some miracles

BRUNO :: We did a contact with him and went back to teach him a different day and he listened to the message but straight up rejected us. Like asked us not to ever come back to his house rejected us. But this lesson was one of the more spiritual experiences that I've had in this area. It was powerful. And it was clear he felt it too. We left a pamphlet and a Book of Mormon with him and an open invitation to visit the church. But then the other day Sister Morais mentioned that she felt like we should pass by. And normal Sister Baker would want to avoid confrontation and not go back to a house where someone said never to come back, but I felt that we should go too. As we were walking we decided to do a low-key pass by and leave the Plan of Salvation pamphlet with him and peace out. We showed up and he opened the door and I said that we had thought of him and wanted to leave a pamphlet with him. He thanked us (what) and then apologized for not being able to receive us (double what) because his grandfather was sick and dying (triple what). All of this with the Plan of Salvation pamphlet in his hand. The spirit put words of comfort into my mouth to say to him that I never could've thought of alone and we told him that knowing about this plan would bring comfort to him in this difficult moment. He thanked us again and said he would read. We said a prayer with him for his grandfather and the spirit was so strong. It was truly a miraculous experience. 

We also have a new investigator named MARIA who we met this week who is an actual angel. She lives alone, and I think because of this she is really connected with Heavenly Father. Everything we teach her she says that she knows it's all true! She says she can't stop thinking about us and the church. She is such a blessing in this area for my companion and I. 

We had a FHE [mom note: Family Home Evening] planned with Francisco and his daughter Kecia and we bought cake and soda and went over there with the Elders and two YW and a YM from the ward.  [mom note: Young Women and Young Men] And Francisco and Kecia stood us up. They were at the Catholic church (#minhavida). I was pretty much done when we found out what had happened. This day had been absolutely exhausting and I was about ready to sit on the curb, cry, and eat my feelings with our cake. But Sister Morais is AWESOME and stopped in front of a random house that had a family sitting outside and asked them if we could do an FHE with them! They accepted and we had a wonderful night and have some new investigators that are great. So grateful for Sister Morais!

When we were walking to Fransisco's house with the Elders I fell. Not like low key tripped, but fell fell. On the ground. On a rock. hahaha. I didn't get (seriously) hurt, just a little bit scraped up. But we all got some laughs and I'm walking a little slower and being more careful haha. 

Some scriptures that helped me this week when the going got rough . . . 
D&C 90:24 (perfection)

I love all of you so much and hope you have a great week!

com amor

Sister Baker

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