week 62 . the secret to my friendship

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On Tuesday night we got a call from Elder Church and Elder Ledesma (our Zone Leaders) [mom note: missionaries that oversee/help a group of missionaries in a geographical area] saying that President Soares had asked for us to do an exchange with the sisters from Santarém. And that I would be staying in their area until Saturday with. . . Sister Weatherford! I joked with her that she's now my first American "companion" haha. But it was great to work with her again. I don't love leaving my area, but we saw a lot of miracles in her area and I got to know some of their investigators and the members there and it was a great experience overall. 

Sister Weatherford and Sister Nunes have been teaching a man named Marcílio and this week was the week leading up to his baptism! I had talked to him briefly at General Conference and it was great to get to know him better. The first time we went to his house we chatted a little bit and I showed him the picture of my baptism.

Megan and her dad at her baptism
He's such a sweethearted man and was so excited to make changes in his life. When we left we asked him to say the closing prayer. He started out "Thank you for this princess who is here visiting me. I saw her that day on the conference but didn't know that she would come here to my residence. And please bless all the little children that they can be baptized like she was." hahaha I died. I left feeling like Kate Middleton haha. 

There is a recent-convert named Neto who lives in Santarém and we went to visit him and leave a message. This man loves to give the sisters food. And I love to eat. So we got along just fine. He gave us pizza and bread and soda and all sorts of things. And then after I had already come back to my area Sister Weatherford gave us a panettone (bread/cake thing that they sell here when it gets close-ish to Christmas) that he had sent for me. He found the secret to my friendship haha. But seriously it's a good thing that I don't work in Santarém normally or I would probably turn into Augustus Gloop haha.

It was so great to work with Sister Weatherford and see how she has already grown a lot as a missionary in the short time since our last exchange. I learned a lot with her. She talks to everyone and really has the spirit with her when she teaches. Truly a wonderful misisonary. 

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+ We were looking for a man that the elders had been teaching before they were transferred and left the address with Sister Weatherford. Well after awhile we found him walking towards his house. We called him over and explained that we were the new missionaries and that we would like to continue teaching him. He just stared at us. Sister Weatherford asked if he had already visited the church and if he liked it. He stayed quiet for like a minute and then said, "I. . I don't know if I liked it or not." With like the weirdest look on his face. Then Sister Weatherford asked him if he had any doubts about the meeting or the church and he said, "If you're going to ask about doubts (30 second awkward pause) I don't know." And then shut us down and walked away. The most mysterious investigator I've ever met. 

On Saturday we switched back to our normal areas and companions. Sister Castilho and I went out to Santarém to see Marcílios baptism. It was wonderful. 

Sunday was a bit rough because nobody went to church. Sister Castilho and I were bummed. But Antonio and Otavio were confirmed which was a huge plus.

Give Shannon the biggest hug from me. I've got a letter to send to her and wanted her home address. Any way you can get it to me?

I love you guys AND SHAN.

Amo vocês.
Have a great week! 

Sister Baker

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