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Sorry to be sending this email so late in the day. It's because today Sister Castilho and I went to Alecrim which is like downtown Natal. There's lots of little booths and stores and whatnot. I bought a beautiful hammock! (neutral with fringe mama ;) ) I'm officially addicted to hammocks. If I could buy them all I would. Seriously. 

This Sunday was almost a repeat of last Sunday with nobody at church. There were a lot of fervent prayers on my part as we went to everyone's house and nobody was willing to go to the meeting with us. We showed up at the church building without anyone and I was super bummed. But then we saw a young woman who we didn't recognize and we went over and talked to her. Investigator!!!! Her name is Gabrielle and her mom is a hairdresser who owns the salon underneath our apartment. Sister Castilho and I had just cut our hair at her mom's salon last week and she had mentioned that her daughter had gone to a church activity at our church and really liked it. And on Sunday she showed up by herself! This girl fell from heaven. After the meeting we pulled her aside to talk to her a little more. We explained about Jesus Christ's baptism and asked if she had ever been baptized before. Her response, "No. I'm going to get baptized in this church." Golden. We marked her baptism for November 2nd. I hope I'm still here in Potengi for the baptism. This girl is actually an angel. 

Sunday was also so special because Antonio (our recent-convert) received the Aaronic Priesthood. He asked us if he would be able to pass the Sacrament on the same day that he received the priesthood or if he would have to wait a whole week. [mom note: to "pass the sacrament" quite literally means to pass the sacrament (the bread and water) to members of the congregation. The young men that have the Aaronic Priesthood pass trays of bread and water to the congregation so everyone can take the Sacrament.] I've never seen someone so excited to serve in the church, especially as a 14 year old boy. I love this kid. 

#minhavida // 
+ We were eating lunch at a member's house the other day, and this member is a wonderful cook. I love lunch there. Part of the meal was eggplant and red meat. I thought the meat looked a little weird but I trust this member's cooking so I grabbed a little piece and ate it. Delicious. I went back and grabbed a giant piece and ate that too. After we had finished eating Sister Castilho asked the irmã what kind of meat it was. "Sisters," she said, "I didn't want to tell you before because I knew you wouldn't eat it. . ." (red alert) "But it's bull tongue." I ate bull tongue. But I played it off real cool and only freaked out a little bit when we left. Sister Castilho was dying haha. 

+ One day our lunch was at home this week so we decided to make rice and beef stroganoff. I made the rice and Sister Castilho made the stroganoff. Well I guess we were both off our game haha. The rice I made the other day turned out perfect, but this time it was way too salty. But salvageable. Then the stroganoff. I took a bite to test it. . . it tasted like there was an entire salt shaker in there. We added just about everything we could think off to even out the taste but to no avail. Luckily I think the Lord blessed our lunch because it wasn't that bad when I ate it (I even had seconds haha #missionarylife). 

Speaking of eating I turned into a human vortex this week. I am so hungry all the time. I feel like a teenage boy, (I feel like Nate haha). I might've consumed a ridiculous amount of x-bacon (cheeseburger with bacon) this week. And I might've eaten two in one night. But in my defense Sister Castilho ate two hamburgers as well. We both ate one and then she said, "do you want another one? I don't want to be fat by myself." hahaha. But I've since repented and this week I'm on a healthy streak. 

This week we're preparing Vladina (Valeska's sister) for her baptism on Sunday. Keep here in your prayers!

I am sort of in shock that Shan is actually home. She had become Hermana McCormick permanently in my mind. It's so crazy to see her with you guys. 

And I died laughing about the pic of me with accordion arms. You are too creative mama. And the Elias sign hahaha. Perfect. 

Megan waiting to give Shannon a big welcome home hug

Three months until this reunion happens for real

Megan's sister Emily

I'm so proud of Pie. [mom note: Megan's sister Emily that is reporting to the MTC on Wednesday for her mission to Jamaica] I printed out her farewell talk and will read it later. She's going to be an awesome missionary.  Give her the biggest hug from me and a motivating Shaun T style pep talk.

I love you all!
Sister Baker

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