week 64 . a place of miracles

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Sorry for writing my email late again this week. It's because we don't currently have water in our apartment, but P-day is cleaning day and we had lots to clean before the transfer this week. (not because we're dirty, but because we haven't had water to clean the last couple of days. I promise haha). We live on the second floor and on the ground floor there's a water spout that has water from the street so I spent most of the morning running up and down the stairs with buckets and bottles and gallons of water so we could clean and take showers. It was a good workout and I'm positive I'm going to be sore tomorrow haha. But it took a lot longer than normal to clean and the internet café here closes for lunch so we had to come later. 

The Potengi Ward was a place of miracles yesterday. We finally had investigators at church!!! We worked hard this week and it payed off, but the true star of the show was Borges. Borges is a recent-convert and he introduced us to a bunch of people from his neighborhood this last week. And he committed himself to go with some of them to church on Sunday. And when we got there, there he was with two of his friends! Paulo and Paulino (they're brothers haha). Now that's a member missionary! Our other investigator, Nilson, went by himself! He's awesome.

And the other investigator at church was Vwladina. Who got baptized yesterday!!!! Her sister Valesca got baptized when I was here with Sister J. Silva and now Vwladina's day finally came. She has been taught by the missionaries for a long time and it was so great to see her make the decision to follow Jesus Christ. She's so excited about the Young Women's program and Personal Progress and reading the Book of Mormon. It's so fun to see her excitement about these things at such a young age. I love her so much! 

Vwladina & Valesca
Miracle contacts of the week ::
+ Rebekah // We stopped and introduced ourselves. . .Sister Castilho, Sister M. Baker. And when we asked her name she says, "Sister Rebekah" hahaha. Talk about elect. But she is a young woman of 17 and she was sooo nice and excited and open. Loved her from the second we started talking to her. Impossible not to. We talked to her mom yesterday and they're both so welcoming. I'm excited to teach them! 

+ Wellington // We were finishing up with our contacts yesterday and we saw a man sitting on the sidewalk with his son and a dog. We started chatting and turns out they just moved here and are visiting various churches to find which one their family will go to. It's a perfect family. Husband, wife (who are married legally!), the son, and even a dog. It's like a picture out of a church pamphlet. We're pumped to go back and teach them too. 

Well, this week is transfer week [mom note: transfers are when missionaries get moved to a new area or serve with a new companion. They are usually every 6 weeks but this one seems to be a 5 week transfer] and tomorrow night I will know if I will stay here in Potengi with Sister Castilho. I love this area and my companion to pieces and would be more than happy to stay, but I have no idea what will happen and I'm basically having a panic attack. (#ihatetransfers haha). But I know that whatever happens, it's got the Lord's hand in it. 

#minhavida //

+ We were walking to a baptismal interview with Elder Aguilar and Elder de Jesus and we walked past a family on the sidewalk. But behind the family there was a dog that I did not see. And out of nowhere the dog jumps out and started making the weirdest evil ghost dog noises I have ever heard. I jumped about a foot in the air, screamed, punched Elder Aguilar in the arm, hugged my companion, ran about two yards away, and then avoided looking back at the huge family laughing their heads off at my reaction haha. 

Have a great week gang. Love you all. 

Sister Baker

Sister Castilho, Sister Nunes, Megan and Sister Weatherford

Sister Castilho and Megan 

Megan and Sister Carvalho
Megan and Sister Carvalho

Megan and Sister J Silva
Elder Phillips and Megan 
Elder W Silva and Megan
Megan, Sister Castilho, Elder Harris
Sister Castilho and Megan

Megan and Sister Castilho
Elder Z Clark and Megan 

Megan, Sister Porter, Sister Rios, Sister Hernandez
Megan and Sister Hernandez
Sister Mulberry, Sister Hernandez, Megan, Sister Rios, Sister Porter and Sister Nunes

Sister Weatherford and Megan
Sister Moraes and Megan
Megan and Sister Castilho
Megan's district

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