week 74 . happy new year

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Happy New Year everyone! So weird that it's 2016. I'm going to pass the first 6 months of this year writing 2015 on everything and then when I get used to 2016 it'll already be 2017. 

On New Year's Eve Irmão Rogerio and Irmã Suênia (the family that threw my birthday party in May!) invited all of the missionaries from our district over to his mom's house for dinner! It was perfect. I ate churrasco (BBQ) until I practically died. And President Nipson (from Mossoró) was here visiting so I got to see him and his family as well! AND my ex-investigator from Seridó, Davison, is Rogerio's nephew so he was there too. It was great to talk to him and have the opportunity to "teach" him again. I passed the referral to the Elders who are working in Seridó and hopefully it all works out with him this time around.

Sister Pace

On Wednesday this week we went on a little "road trip" to São Fernando. It's a nearby city, but it's part of our ward. Irmã Maria José lives there and our lunch was out there this week. The city only has 3000 people (Tesoro High School?). [mom note: that's about how many kids Megan had in her high school] But it's a cute little town and it's really open (all those pictures I sent of plains and grass and me in the street with a cat are from São Fernando). And Maria José brought a friend to church this Sunday so we'll be heading out there again this week to teach him!

Sister Muria was MIA this week because we spent two days doing splits (exchanges? division? English blegh.). On Thursday she spent the day with an Irmã (Maria José, but not the one that lives in São Fernando) and Sister Gusmão and I worked together in a different part of our area. The next day Sister Muria worked in Ala Caicó with Sister Pace and Sister Silveira came to our area to work with us. It was really productive and great to work with Sister Silveira, but we missed Sister Muria. I love her to pieces. She always knows how to lighten the mood and make me laugh when I'm stressed. 

Miracle of the week // We were looking for din din (it's like a creamy otter pop. sort of). And someone told us that there was a lady who sold in them on the other street. So we got to the house and the woman was there. . . but there was no din din. Sadness. But we ended up talking for a long time with her. Her name is Marisa and she might actually be an angel. She has white hair down to her waist, she lives alone, and she is from the church, Congregação Cristão de Brasil. She was super nice to us and invited us in and gave us sweets and water. She showed us a room that she has in her house just to take care of people who are sick and don't have money or someone to take care of them. (she's perfect). And before we left she said one of the most beautiful prayers I've ever heard. The spirit was so powerful in that little house. We're excited to visit her again this week. 

We gave Marcos cevada (a replacement of coffee) for him to drink and when we went there this week we found out that his entire family stopped drinking coffee and is even offering cevada for their neighbors!! But we're worried about Marcos because he didn't go to church yesterday and we don't know what happened. Please, keep him in your prayers! 

#minhavida //

+ At Irmão Rogerio's mom's house I was trying to get up from the table, and the table and chairs attacked me and I fell. Luckily there was another chair in the way that protected me from falling on the ground. But everyone got a real good laugh out of it. One of the elders even cried he was laughing so hard. Then the next day the Elders ate lunch in our area with us and I tripped on a metal bar when we were leaving the house. Again, lots of laughter from the elders. I don't know what everyone would do without me to laugh at. 

+ I pronounced facebook, faw-see-booky this week. My English is going strong. 

This week had some harder moments (yesterday morning in particular. . . almost nobody went to church). BUT I was overcome by the feeling that Jesus Christ truly does walk with us. He is at our side and His spirit will guide and console us in all of our difficulties. I have no doubt whatsoever that this Church is true. I feel so privelaged to have this knowledge. 

Amo vocês! 
Sister Baker

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