week 75 . i'm feeling really grateful

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This week we had a counsel meeting in Natal. It was fantastic. And also really emotional haha. We heard trainings from the APs, President, and Sister Soares. Sister Soares' training killed me. At one point she had us all take off our name tags and put them on the ground in front of us. And then she asked us how we felt...what made us different with or without the name tag, how we would feel if our mission ended today, etc. It was all too real for me. I love being a representative of Jesus Christ, I love having the authority that I have to teach the gospel and make promises to people, and I'm so sad that that's going to end. But it made me immensely grateful for the time that I have had (and still have) to serve here. My mission is the greatest blessing.

Megan and Sister Trage

Brazil CTM/MTC missionaries...they all arrived in Natal together
CTM/MTC district friends

Megan and Sister Muria

Sister Hernandez and Megan 

To go to the counsel we shared a van with missionaries from Caicó and Souza. Roadtrip! It was fun to be with everyone (including Sister Brown!) on the drive there and back. But when we were coming home I started feeling really nauseous so I took some medicine. Remember how drugged I was after I got my wisdom teeth out? It was a close second. I was just staring blankly into space and laughing for no reason and not feeling my hands and feet, etc. Elders Collier and Phillips had a real good laugh at my expense. But on the plus side, I didn't feel nauseous anymore.  #minhavida

This week we had a ward activity that was so fun. It was "Show do Milhão" aka Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? But when somebody answered the question wrong. . . whipped cream pie in their face (and sometimes hair). We escaped the pie because we wrote the questions. But everyone had a great time and it really strengthened the ward. We ate lunch at a less-active member's house on the day of the activity. We invited her to the activity and gave her an assignment to help out. And she went! And on Sunday she was back at church! It was a wonderful experience.

Sister Gusmao and Megan
Megan and Sister Muria

We had two people at church this week! 

Raimunda // She's a member of an evangelical church but she recognizes that Jesus Christ only established one church and she has a lot of great questions. She loved church yesterday. So much that during Relief Society she stood up during the lesson and went to the front of the room, thanked everyone for their presence, and basically bore her testimony. Hilarious but also great to see how great she felt at church. 

Raquel // A woman who had stopped us in the street last week. . . just to ask where we were from and ask us to touch her hands? She showed up at church by herself yesterday! She told us that we were like "psychologists of God" and also said during Gospel Principles class that praying is always better "with corn".  I don't know.

The picture you sent of Prince George...he is the CUTEST thing I have ever seen. His messed up hair and winter coat are killing me. And the little backpack. Why is he not my child???

I heard it rained over there! woo hoo! And it rained a bit here too. It's much needed in Caicó! I'm feeling really grateful. For the rain, for the members of the ward, our investigators, my companions, everything! 

I love you all!
Have a wonderful week!

Sister M. Baker

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