week 76 . invisible

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We had a strange week this week. Nobody was ever at home. Almost all of our commitments fell through...but I saw the hand of the Lord in our work. If one person wasn't home we found someone else to teach or do contacts. And we met some great people this week. Just a reminder to me that sometimes God puts us through "adversities" not only to help us learn but to truly bless us as well. (it reminded me of that article from the Ensign "on the road to palmyra" perfection.) [mom note: I think the link is the article she is talking about]

Raimunda was our focus this week since she went to church on Sunday, but she was one of the many who was impossible to find at home. About halfway through the week she was there and we sat down to teach her. But then her neighbor, Felipe, showed up. #minhavida He was there to help hook up her dvd player or something, but not only did he not succeed with the dvd player, but he managed to completely destroy any sort of lesson that we had going on. He started telling Raimunda how her church is basically trash and then started talking about a pastor from another church and how he was corrupt, etc etc. And Raimunda got super defensive and put her finger right in his face and said that "Jesus is the God of gold, and silver, and money." hahaha. And I was trying so hard to interrupt and calm everyone down but I could never get more than one word out before they started off on their Bible-less bash again. Finally Sister Gusmão offered to say the "closing prayer" so we could leave. But Raimunda didn't even give her a chance and started praying (hands in the air, yelling sort of prayer). and then at the end she shouted "now everybody say AMEN!" and everyone looked at each other awkwardly and whispered amen hahaha. 

Going along with the whole #minhavida deal. I don't know what is going on this week but we were basically invisible. We talked to people and they just looked at us and didn´t answer. Or we knocked on doors asking if a certain person was home and they just left us their waiting for like 5 minutes and then afterwards said that that person wasn't home. You know that part in the second Harry Potter movie when Harry enters Tom Riddles diary and tries to talk to everyone but nobody heard him. Us this week. haha. 

This week Sister Gusmão was a little bit down in the dumps because of how things are going in our area. She's frustrated. And combined with the fact that she's a new missionary it's been rough. But I've been praying a lot for her that she can feel happy on the mission. And the other day Sister Muria was having a hard time and was pretty sad, and instead of joining in on the pity party, Sister Gusmão started to cheer her up! It was such a tender moment and a real answer to prayers. I love my companions too much for words. 

We worked with a lot of people this week who are giving up eternal happiness for really simple things. Coffee, buying things on Sunday, parties, etc. And I was reminded of the story of Esau. How he gave up his birthright for food. I get so sad for these people who aren't able to see the bigger picture and make small sacrifices for something of such great worth. 

On a completely worldly note . . . a less-active member had a birthday party and they invited us to stop by. The theme : STAR WARS. I geeked out hardcore. 

I love you guys so much! Have a great week! 

Sister M. Baker

Sister Gusmao and Megan

Sister Muria and Megan

This hair?!?! Maybe it was an 80's themed district meeting ;)

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