written 9.2014 // sent 10.10.2014 // received today

As it's transfer week there is no email today. We should hear from Megan Wednesday. However we got a nice surprise in the mail today... a handwritten note from her and a birthday message to her little brother Luke (who's birthday was in September) Yes, the mail moves rather slow. 

Speaking of handwritten mail...THANK YOU to all those that received a stamped Christmas card (for Meg) from me and took the time to write a message and mail it to Megan. I know she will be excited to get so much mail from loved ones at home.  I actually have a few more to mail out to people (I got a bit behind) so yours may still be coming. Or just let me know (comment on this post or email me at "contact Meg's mom" in the sidebar) that you'd like to send her a Christmas card for free (the stamps on us) and I'll send it to you.

Megan's snail mail letter from today... 

Miss all you guys but I genuinely am SO HAPPY. I have had a couple down moments, but the work has already taken over most of my thoughts. I LOVE IT HERE. The heat is crazy, I'm literally always sweating but it's not horrible in the evening/at night/when there is a breeze. 

Sister Garcia is a rock star. She's so hardworking, but also way fun. I teach her English words here and there and she teaches me everything else haha.

For fun here's part of my testimony in Port...Eu seique esta igreja é o evangelho restaurado de Jesus Cristo e que Joseph Smeech (how we pronounce Smith) foi um profeta e que temos um profeta na terra hoje. [mom note: from Google Translate "I seique this church is the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that we have a prophet on the earth today.]

LOVE you guys so much!

Love Sister Baker

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