Week 20 . Dear Diar(rhea)

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I can't believe Christmas is this week! This month passed by so fast. I'm super excited for Christmas, but also so sad that this season will be over. It is the most amazing time to share the gospel and the message of the Savior's love for everyone on the earth. I can't believe how blessed I am to be here in Brasil sharing this message. Even though it's not always easy to be away from family, especially on Christmas, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now. I am seeing miracles and the love of God for his children more than I have ever seen before. 

Remember how I wrote a while back about the hilarious 12 year old Thiago who loves loves loves the USA. [mom note: she talked about Thiago here and here] Well he is going to be baptized this week! And he gets funnier every day. I don't have time to tell you all the stories of the things he has said and done because it would be a novel haha. But it's not actually Sister Marcelino and I teaching him, it's Sister Francis and Sister Dyer. But I don't care who's teaching him, I'm just over the moon excited for him. And my excitement is nothing compared to his. He went to church for the first time this week, but before ever stepping foot inside the church he: has every single pamphlet about the missionary discussions, has the Gospel Principles book, has a Book of Mormon, has multiple pass along card's and best of all. . . there's a YW [mom note: young woman, term we use at church for those girls that are 12-18 yrs old. We say they are part of our Young Women's group] in our ward who spends most of her day every day walking around with a Book of Mormon in hand doing "visits" and "contacts." Taking member missionary to the next level. Well she met Thiago and the other day they went to Augusto's house (our recent convert) and taught him the entire Plan of Salvation. hahahahahah. I was dying. 

Sister Marcelino and I are teaching Thiago's cousin, Jordania! My goodness, was she prepared by the spirit or what. She is going to be baptized this week with Thiago!!! She's been searching a long time for the right church and when she read the Book of Mormon she felt that this church is true. And she's not looking back! She loves coffee, but when we taught her the Word of Wisdom (which she had already heard a lot about from Thiago haha) she told us that she hadn't drunk coffee for three days! She said "It's worth it to just leave the things of the world behind and follow God." Perfect. And the best with her was when she read John 3:5 (that says if someone isn't baptized they can't enter into the kingdom of God). Her eyes went super wide, and she covered her face with the pamphlet,  and after a couple seconds she says "I'm going to get baptized." haha dream reaction to that scripture. 

Augusto FINISHED the Book of Mormon! In about a month! He's amazing!

#minhavida [mom note: just tuning in? Here is where she introduces us/explains #minhavida]
We had the mission Christmas conference this week, and it was wonderful! During the conference. Afterwards, not so much. Something in the lunch we all ate was...well problematic. And the ENTIRE mission (including Pres. and Sis. Soares) had diarrhea. hahaha EVERYONE was up the whole night after going to the bathroom. Sorry if it's TMI but it's just too funny. [mom note:  TMI = Too Much Information because I know my mom (Megan's grandma) will ask what that means]  Also sorry for the gross pun as the subject line but I couldn't resist, feel free to change it mom hahaha.

Sister Marcelino, Megan, Sister Francis and Sister Dyer (the sisters she lives with)
Megan and her companion Sister Marcelino
Megan and her trainer or mão/mom Sister Garcia
Sister Garcia, Elder Collier (from Megan's MTC district) and Megan

Sister Pace
Elder Zundel and Megan Elder Zundel is from our Stake at home) 
Elder Giles (from her MTC district) and another Elder that was in the MTC with her but not in the same district)

Sister Olla
Sister Porter
The Baker Sisters! Sister J. Baker (Jocelyn), Sister M. Baker (Megan) and Sister Baker (Katie) 
2 Kings 14-16 [mom note: we think she forgot to put a chapter number]

Hahaha I almost had a heart attack when Pres Soares called. He said, I received an email from your dad. . . and I was positive someone had died so the skype thing was a huge relief hahaha. 

The timing of the skype call isn't set but it should be sometime after 1:00 here, probably later in the afternoon/early evening. Sorry for not filling you guys in more before but I really didn't have any idea how it was going to go down. [mom note: there were some minor issues relaying info regarding our Christmas skype call...that's what this exchange is about]


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com amor

Sister Baker

Sister Francis and Sister Dyer
Sister Marcelino 

Megan's district in Mossoró

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