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[mom note: Meg mentioned to us that she sent off some letters this week to family and friends. Just as an FYI...her brother and sister got letters this week and from postmark to our mailbox was 2 months. So if you are waiting on a letter from her don't hold your breath, it could take awhile.]

Happy transfer week everyone!! Did you miss me on Monday? (not even a real question, I know you did)

I was NOT transferred and I'm thrilled beyond belief!!! I was almost sick yesterday (and maybe crying in the street) I was so nervous for transfers. I feel like there's so many amazing miracles (and baptisms!) about to happen in this area and I am not ready to leave just yet. Everyone jokes that Mossoró is Zion. But it's true. This area is amazing. The people are amazing and so open. The ward members are rockstars and so willing to help. It's all perfect. So so so grateful that I get to stay here with Sister Marcelino (yes I get to keep my sweet angel companion!) for at least one more transfer. Sister Francis and Sister Dyer are also staying. Only Sister Porter (don't remember if I told you guys but she came back to this ward for half the transfer) got transferred back to where she was before. Poor thing getting transferred left and right. But she's still in our zone so I'll see her around a ton! 

Also sad news...all my pictures on my camera were lost. Some stupid thing happened with my card and it's not working anymore. Lots of tears were shed. But thankfully I had sent the best of the pictures to you guys (trying to look on the bright side but I'm majorly bummed out). [mom note: this kills me]

Answers to family questions...

+ Haven't spoken in church yet. 

+ Portuguese is coming along a lot better! 

+ Don't know the Skype situation yet [mom note: Megan gets to call/Skype home 2 times a year, Christmas and Mothers Day. We are looking forward to talking to her in a couple weeks]

+ Love Love Love the bag from Davis [mom note: Megan's cousin Davis has a company that makes missionary bags (although they would make great vacation/travel bags as well)]

We had Stake Conference this week and President Soares [mom note: Megan's mission president] came and spoke and it was SO GOOD. He was talking about how the things that were happening in the Book of Mormon before the first coming of Christ are the same things that are happening now before His second coming. Mind. Blown. And so true! the world is not easy right now, but with the Gospel of Jesus Christ we can find light even in the darkest of places (almost quoting Albus Dumbledore right there).

We're teaching a 19 year old boy named Cristiano right now. He is a friend of a member of the ward and seriously so amazing! He drank a ton a ton a ton of coffee but after we taught the Word of Wisdom it took him like 3 days to stop completely. And we taught the Word of Wisdom like the second day we met with him. He's a rockstar. His baptism is marked for this Sunday! Keep him in your prayers! The other day at the end of our lesson he said the closing prayer and it was one of the sweetest prayers I've ever heard. The entire thing was thanking God for his friend that introduced him to the church and for Sister Marcelino and I teaching him and helping him. I was barely holding back the tears. It's moments like that that I realize exactly why I'm here. Helping to change lives! Helping people learn about the restored gospel of Jesus Christ! There are so many people who want and need this in their lives and just don't know where to find it. That's my job! To teach them the truth. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY

On this last Sunday we ate lunch at the Bishop's house with his family and then afterwards did splits. Sister Marcelino went and taught with the Bishop and his wife and I went with his daughter and her fiance. It was AMAZING. Truly when the members and the missionaries are working together, MIRACLES WILL HAPPEN. This is a work we have to do together! I felt the spirit so powerfully in those lessons with Priscilla and Ruan and S. Marcelino said the same thing about her lessons with Bishop and Eliene. I love the members in this ward and their willingness to serve and how excited they are to share the gospel. 

#minhavida We watched the film The Restoration probably 5 times these last two weeks with investigators and every single time without fail, I cried like a baby. Haha. I cannot physically make it through that film without crying. And when we watched it with Cristiano I was practically sobbing and I think he got a little bit worried for me hahaha. But truly I can't help but cry because when I watch that film I feel Heavenly Father's love for us so powerfully! The Heavens are not closed. There is a living prophet receiving revelation for our days. God loves us so much. I love knowing about the restoration of this Gospel and teaching other people about it! (and crying about it lolz)

I love you all so very very much and am as grateful as ever for the emails and the love and support. Thanks for being the best!

Sister Baker

p.s. Has everyone watched "He is the Gift"? http://www.mormon.org.br/natal [mom note: Megan included a link in her email however it leads to the Portuguese version of the video. I've left that link but I also included the English link for those of us not quite fluent in Portuguese. Click on "He is the Gift" for English] Watch it now! And share it with someone else. Jesus Christ is truly the most important gift we can receive and give this Christmas. He lives and knows us and loves us. 

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