week 17 . Happy Thanksgiving (Kate-sgiving)

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[mom note: the day after posting last weeks letter we received a ton of pictures from Megan. I added those pictures to last weeks post which can be found here if you want to see the photos]

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone!!! I hope you all ate more than you could handle and thought about how many blessings the Lord gives each of us (the greatest one being His Son and the restored gospel on the earth!) For my Thanksgiving, the other sisters (Sister Porter is back! Sisters Dyer, Francis, and Porter are in a trio for now!) and I ate a bunch of Brazillian pizza. Which is way different than American pizza, but also fantastic. So I stuffed my face and thought about how very very thankful I am for the gospel, for being here on a mission, and of course for each of you! It was definitely different than the average Thanksgiving, but a great one nevertheless!

Miracle of the week! (milagre da semana) The mission has a goal / "standard of excellence" that every companionship should have 3 investigators in church every week. Yesterday we taught just about everyone who had said they would go to church (17 lessons in one day!) and I was feeling super confident that we would have a ton of investigators in church. But yesterday as we passed by to pick people up for church or remind them, NOBODY would go. Literally every single person we had fell through. I felt like all the work we had done in the week meant nothing. The people can't know if the church is true if they don't go to church! Sister Marcelino and I were both feeling really frustrated and just down. But we both were praying like crazy all morning, and I said a prayer that we could have at least 3 investigators, that we could reach the mission goal. When we showed up three members had brought friends to church!!!!! Three references for us to teach and three investigators in church!! And then after that a couple that we're teaching who said they wouldn't be able to make it to church this Sunday showed up! AH!!! I was so beyond excited you have no idea. When we work hard, do our part, show our faith, the Lord WILL BLESS US. Just not always in the way we expect. 

#minhavida Sister Marcelino asked a girl we were teaching to guess my age. She thought I was 25. Haha, apparently the sun of Mossoró is taking it's toll on me. 

opposite of #minhavida A woman this week, as we were about to start a lesson says. . . "What's the name of that prince who's mother passed away in a car crash? You (talking to me) look JUST LIKE HIS WIFE!" She said I look like Kate Middleton. And it was on Thanksgiving that this happened. #tendermercy (I know I'm shallow) Life made. After that I made sure to drink some herbal tea, pinky up and all. I'm a princess. 

scripture :: 3 Nephi 11! Heavenly Father loves all of his children. Also I watched The Testaments last week and cried like a baby. (reminded me of you Dad when the dad in the movie is healed because I remember you saying how much you loved that part! Might've made me cry even more.)

I hope you guys all have a wonderful week. 
Amo vocês muito! xoxo

Sister Baker

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