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Óla // Oi // Holla atcha boy.

Hey family! Sorry I've been so lame about writing letters, it's crazy how busy it is being a missionary. But know that I think of you guys every single day. I am so grateful to come from a family where everyone genuinely loves each other, not just as family but as friends too. Thanks for being my best friends.

I thought I'd use this letter to answer some questions you guys have asked since I usually don't have time in my emails ::

*No, we don't sleep in the hammocks. Well except naps on Pday and one time overnight (ouch, my neck!)

*The water isn't normally green, but even so everyone only drinks mineral water. Water from the sink is a no-no.

[mom note: Hammock pictures and green water pictures can be found here. The questions we asked her were about what we were seeing in these photos.]

*Toilet paper goes in the trashcan, not the toilet. Weirdest thing ever. Still getting used to that.

*Sister Marcelino is from São Paulo. I'm going to have to hit up SP with dad when he goes for work to visit all my companions. [mom note: when she wrote this she had no idea that her third companion would also be from São Paulo.]

*Our house/apartment...more an apartment is great! 2 bedrooms. 2 study rooms (where we had the hammocks) Kitchen. Little laundry room. 2 bathrooms. It's like a cute little Brazilian doll house.

*The shower doesn't have a door which was way hard to get used to but the water isn't as cold as I thought it'd be. Thank heavens.

*Portuguese has come a long way. Thank heavens 2.0. I can generally understand everything people are saying (unless they are missing their teeth, which is more common than you'd think)

*Sister Marcelino sings a hymn to start all our lessons (Sister Marcelino and I, not just her haha) Great way to bring the spirit and reminds me of my musically gifted family [mom note: she is not referring to me with that statement...that would be the rest of the family]

*We usually stay home on Pdays and read scriptures/write letters/watch church movies (if you can, send church movies! 17 Miracles, The Testaments, anything else produced by the church)

*I'm tempted everyday to take one of the kittens in the street home with me. Less tempted by the donkey that likes to sleep in front of the church.

*Nobody has filters here. It's hilarious. After asking my name and where I'm from usually the next question is if i have a boyfriend/fiancé. Members, missionaries, people on the street, everyone. Also, more than a few people have commented that I've gained weight. So not America haha. Also a lot of people tell me I look like a ten year old and/or doll.

*Chaco tan lines going strong.

*They have BUENO BARS here! They're way expensive though so I only buy one when I need a real pick-me-up.

*General lunch :: rice, beans, plain spaghetti, and stroganoff all mixed together sometimes with banana cut up on top. Sounds weird, but it's actually pretty dang tasty. Oh and always juice or soda with lunch. Never water. Dessert usually involves sweetened condensed milk in some form.

*Mom's brigadeiro is the fanciest I've eaten [mom note: we made this a few times before she left] usually when one of the sisters makes it they just leave it in a bowl and we eat it with a spoon.

*The fruit here is the bomb.com, I'm obsessed!

Hope that answers some of your questions about life in Brasil. I miss you guys and am so very grateful to have the best family in the world.

Eu sou muito grata por ser uma missionária e por poder compartilhar o evangelho de Jesus Cristo com as pessoas de brasil. Eu sei que esta igreja é verdadeira e eu amo ela com todo meu coração. Google Translate it up family. [mom note: Google Translate: I am very grateful to be a missionary and be able to share the the gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Brazil. I know this church is true and I love it with all my heart.]

Thank you for the love, the email, the packages, the letters, everything. I love you guys more than I can express. Keep being your amazing selves and remember, every member a missionary! Bring friends to church, post things from/about the church on Facebook, give someone a Book of Mormon (as a Christmas present if it didn't already pass!), invite someone to hear the missionary discussions! Every little thing you do is so powerful in hastening the work. You are such great examples to me in living and sharing the gospel, thank you thank you!

Sister Meg Baker

PS Whenever people joke about sister missionaries baptizing someone/having the priesthood they use a PUN. Priesthood = sacerdócid. Sisterdócio! Portuguese pun, oh joy! [mom note: either i'm slow or you really need to know Portuguese to understand this pun. Or maybe Megan is just bad at puns no matter what language she is speaking haha]

PPS Tell Cambridge I love her. Meow! [mom note: in case it wasn't obvious Cambridge is the family cat and Megan may be slightly cat obsessed]

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