week 22 . tacos & crying...nothing has changed

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[mom note: what seems to be the new norm...a day after posting last weeks letter we received pictures from Megan. They were added to that letter the same day. If you read her letter before the pictures were posted you can click back there and catch a glimpse at some recent baptisms and Christmas celebrations. I have taken a few of the pictures from last week's letter and added them to this letter as she talks about them this week.]

Aló família e amigos!

This week was another great one in Brasil. On New Year's Eve Sister Marcelino, Sister Dyer, Sister Francis, one of our investigators (Josy. Janaiana's sister), and I ate 5 liters of acai!!!! Heaven on earth. We ate it in the church just us five and then us missionaries went and slept through the change to the new year. I didn't even wake up with the fireworks haha. But it was a fabulous way to start out 2015. So excited to dedicate this entire year to the Lord.

A whole lot of açaí to help celebrate the new year
Josy (an investigator), Sister Francis and Sister Marcelino

And below is a commercial for the Tikker brand açaí they were eating. Can't understand a word of it but it's fun to hear Portuguese being spoken. 

Also mom we made the tacos you sent stuff for last pday!!!!! I think I cried they were so delicious. And who knew making tortillas is so easy. I'm domestic now. holla. Sister Francis and I were literally dancing as we ate we were so pumped on the tacos. (And Taco Bell sauce, oh pure joy!)

Sister Francis
Megan, Sister Francis, Sister Dyer, Sister Marcelino

Megan, Sister Francis, Sister Dyer

This week I had so many experiences that reminded me why I'm here on the mission. . .

1) Jordania // She was talking about her 2014 with us. That it started out pretty rough, but that at the end it ended up being so good because she met us. (Everybody say awwww).  But truly it was so sweet because she was genuinely grateful to have discovered the true church of Jesus Christ and she started crying and said that we would always be a huge part of her life. You can all imagine that I was not able to hold back the tears. Sobbed like a baby. And decided I've got to start saving money somehow to come back to Brasil when she's sealed in the temple or goes on a mission or whatever she does next. I love this girl with all me heart.

Also some people were speaking ill of the church to Jordania and trying to make her drink coffee and telling her we don't believe in the Bible or God. (ugh people are the worst). And her responses made me feel like a proud mom. // "I don't drink coffee because it's against a commandment of God! And I don't even want to drink it." (coming from a girl who was basically addicted before her baptism haha) "I know that this is the only true church on the earth!" and my personal favorite "If those girls (talking about Sister Marcelino and I) don't go to heaven, nobody will" hahaha. 

2) Yesterday I was having a little bit of a rough time. We only had one investigator in church even though we spent the entire morning (and first two hours of church) running around trying to bring our investigators. And then Augusto hadn't shown up to church so we went to get him. He can't walk very well so normally someone picks him up but there was nobody to pick him up at this point so Sister Marcelino and I walked with him to church. He is a trooper people. The walk from his house to church is less than five minutes when you're walking Sister Marcelino speed (which is fast haha) but it took about 20 minutes for us to walk there because Augusto has such a hard time. I love him! But because it took so long we almost missed the sacrament. I panicked and started to get all teared up. We ended up taking it but from then on I was an emotional wreck during sacrament meeting. It was testimony meeting and I was just crying and crying (partly from frustration, partly from the spirit, and I don't know what else). But so many members reached out to me with so much love. Gave me hugs, wrote me notes telling me how important this work is, bore their testimonies about how one missionary changed their lives and the lives of their families. This ward is perfect. And this church is perfect. And I love being a missionary even on days like yesterday because it gave me a chance to feel Heavenly Father's love for me more than ever. 

I love all of you tons and hope you have a fantastic week! 
Com amor, 

Sister Baker

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