week 25 . big city living

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[mom note: We received a handwritten/snail mail letter last week that can be found here]

So these last few days have been all sorts of crazy but also so great. I met my companion, Sister Keese who looks much more American than I do haha. When I met her I thought she was from Utah or Virginia or something haha. [mom note: she is from Saõ Paulo, Brazil] But she's super amazing and I love her already. The two other sisters living with us are Sister de Paula and Sister Carvalho. I love them too. The four of us are having so much fun together. This transfer is going to be the best with them! 

But turns out that I'm not actually in Alecrim. The Elder said the wrong area on the phone and I only found out when we showed up in our area haha. I'm in the Natal Ward (which was the first ward organized here in Natal! And first church building!) Our area is gigantic. I thought Mossoró was big, but this area is a whole other story. I think we're pretty close to the beach. There's dunes near us that I think we'll probably hike sometime this transfer!! woohoo! And there's a lot more hills and switchbacky bridges and things like that. So my body is taking a licking getting adjusted. Even with being super tired, I already am loving this area. It's really different from Mossoró so I feel like I'm getting to explore a completely different mission practically haha. Mossoró is in the "country" and now I'm living the city girl life. It's fun to see a different part of the mission.  And the members of the ward seem great. It's a fairly small ward, but the youth are super excited about misisonary work and willing to help! We're going to see miracles here!

[mom note: These are all just images from Google. Megan is not off dune buggy-ing or sledding down sand dunes. Although it looks like fun]

Also I think that Heavenly Father sent me to Mossoró first so that when He sent me here to Natal I wouldn't complain about the heat. Because, yes it's hot here. But I don't even notice because there's a cool breeze and it's basically heaven. Really excited about this.

I wish I had more exciting things to tell you guys but these past few days have mostly been me getting to know the area, or trying too. I hope that Sister Keese stays for another transfer after this one because there's no way I'll get this place down in 6 weeks haha. And yesterday I stayed home after church with Sister de Paula because she is having a problem with her knee. Sister Keese went with Sister Carvalho because Sister Keese knows the area. I thought that I would welcome the time to kick back and relax (since normally at home I just slept on Sundays haha), but I was feeling fidgety the whole time. I just wanted to get out there and work! Which for Mom and Dad might not sound like your daughter haha. But truly the work here isn't the same thing as school work or work work, it's the most fulfilling thing I've ever done. I'm serving the Lord and there's nothing better. 

I hope that you're all doing well! I love you with all my heart. 
tchau amores 

Sister Baker

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